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Team Challenge Behind the Scenes: Tank Ride Interview

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Tank Commanders!

A few weeks ago, we ran the Team Challenge story set in Tamborine, Queensland, where we took APAC teams EL Gaming and MeltDown for an unexpected contest of artistry.

Although the results of that particularly messy battle have already been made public, little is known about the unsung hero of the Team Challenge: The Centurion tank charged with the task of crushing the loser's car into literal pieces. That is, until now.

In this short behind-the-scenes interview, we ask Tim Wood about this particular Centurion tank and its history, as well as its relation to Tank Ride.

Located in Queensland, Tank Ride is an outdoor adventure company offering "a completely unique experience – one of its kind in Australia and only offered in a handful of places around the world". With several tanks and vehicles to choose from, Tank Ride offers... well, tank rides, and more besides!

Find out more about Tank Ride here.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tim and Tank Ride for providing the awesome hardware and expertise that made it all happen. Cheers, Tim!

Enjoy the video!

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