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TanksAsia Masters Season 2: Team Efficiency Interview (3rd Place)

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After a busy season of non-stop battles, Team Efficiency takes 3rd placing in TanksAsia Masters Season 2 which was held at Taipei Game Show 2014. We were able interview them for a while for the pre-battle interview, and now we've caught up with them again to get to know them better in this after-battle interview. Do you want to know how you can be a part of a professional team like theirs? Read on for more information about the amazing Team Efficiency.

Team Efficiency

Top 32 in TanksAsia Open Season
3rd Place in TanksAsia Masters Season 1
3rd Place in TanksAsia Masters Season 2 

Team Captain:



■ Q1:Introduce your team.
Team Efficiency (TE): We are a casual team made up of casual players. We enjoy every minute in every battle of World of Tanks. But it doesn't mean we don't care about winning. We do a lot of training in order to win. 

■ Q2:What makes your team different from others?
TE:We are a united army with players from 5 different countries - Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. The strangest thing is that this is our first time united as a whole team and seeing one another face to face. And in another country, Taiwan! (laughs).

■ Q3:What did you prepare for the battle?
TE:Nothing special. We just relaxed, sat on our seats and got ready for some entertainment.

■ Q4:Is there any moment or achievement that you are proud of in World of Tanks?
TE:I would say right now (laughs). It's an honour to fly to another country to be united with all the teamates and join such a big tournament. 

■ Q5:What's your suggestion for good players who want to join a pro team like Team Efficiency?
TE:Find someone you know well and can communicate with. Then train a lot to improve your skill.

■ Q6:What's your favourite tactic?
TE:I would say 'Defence'. We are good in defence, as it lets us react easily to the enemy's movement.

■ Q7What would you be doing if you were not playing World of Tanks? 
TE:We play other games too, but most of us are students and others have work to do. We spend most of our spare time in World of Tanks.

■ Q8:Have you tried World of Warplanes? If there's a tournament for WoWP in the future, would you like to join?
TE:Some of our teamates have tried it. Sure, if we play well in World of Tanks, why not give it a try?

■ Q7:How do you feel about the tournament being held in Taipei Game Show?
TE:Great ! The exhibition is more like a show here, and I really like it. Shows are great, and the atmosphere for TanksAsia Masters Finals is really great too. Thanks Wargaming for holding such a great tournament.

■ Q8:Anything else you want to say to the fans?
TE:We will work harder and try to achieve better results.

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