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TanksAsia Masters Season 2 Semi Final Battle Recap

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After weeks of competition, TanksAsia Masters Season 2 finally reaches the pinnacle of the tournament - the Grand Finals. Two reowned teams, PVP Super Friends and Team Efficiency  faced off against each other today for a ticket to the Grand Finals where Insidious Gaming stands in their way for the championship. Who will be the champion of this season and the proud owner of USD 60,000? Let us find out.

Battle Recap

Date Time (UTC+8) Phase Team

24 Jan

Semi Final

PVP Super Friends
Team Efficiency


The map of this game was Prokhorovka. Both teams played defensively during the first set, but PVP Super Friends struck first after they spotted the location of the enemy. PVP Super Friends goes on to take out 2 tier 8 tanks swiftly.

Team Efficiency tries to fend off the attack, but is unable to overcome the disadvantageous situation. PVP Super Friends wipes Team Efficiency out and takes the first set.

Game 1 Winner

PVP Super Friends 1:0 Team Efficiency

[The WG Girls dazzled the crowds in between the matches with a hot dance show.]

Game  2 - AIRFIELD

With 1 point behind, Team Efficiency seeks a good opportunity to engage PVP Super Friends. PVP Super Friends discovers the true intention of Team Efficiency and forces an engagement in the base immediately.

At the end of the match, a battle of the T1s break out, resulting in Team Efficiency's T1 biting the dust. Slowly but surely, PVP Super Friends manages to outplay Team Efficiency again for a 2:0 score advantage.

Game 2 Winner

PVP Super Friends 2:0 Team Efficiency


Team Efficiency adopts a defensive stance to try to seek out chances for a comeback. However, PVP Super Friends' assaults proved to be too much to handle and they managed to capture the Team Efficiency's base.

Team Efficiency put up a great fight but alas, were unable to turn the tide in their favour. PVP Super Friends overcomes their final hurdle to advance to the Grand Finals.

Game 3 Winner

PVP Super Friends 3:0 Team Efficiency

PVP Super Friends' victory earned them the spot in the final game tomorrow. We would like to congratulate PVP Super Friends and wish both teams all the best in the final fight tomorrow. Will history repeat itself again or will Insidious Gaming stand true to their vow to defeat PVP Super Friends? Please tune in to TanksAsia Masters Season 2 Grand Final stream for the latest information.