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TanksAsia Masters Season 2 Grand Final Battle Recap

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In the semi final yesterday (semi final battle recap), PVP Super Friends defeated Team Efficiency with a score of 3:0 to advance to the Grand Final today where Insidious Gaming (who had garnered the most points during Season 2) awaits, ready to take on the challenge from PVP Super Friends. Who will be the king of Season 2? Please see the battle recap below to find out.

Date Time (UTC+8)  State Team

Jan 25

15:00  Grand Final
PVP Super Friends
Insidious Gaming

Team member:

  • Champion of TanksAsia Masters Season 1
  •  Top 16 in TanksAsia Open Season 

Team Captain:


  • 2nd Place in Singapore National Series 2013
  • 1st Runner-up in TanksAsia Masters Season 1
  •  Top 8 in TanksAsia Open Season

Team Captain:


 Round 1 - Himmelsdorf

  • ISG: AMX 50 100 x3, T32, 110, T1 x2
  • PVP: IS-3, 110 x2, AMX50 100 x2, T1 x2

PVP plays aggressively, trying to capture ISG’s base. ISG, on the other hand, plays defensively, seeking a chance to advance.

Two teams engage near the base and PVP successfully protects their AMX 50 100 while destroying all of ISG's forces. PVP takes 1:0 lead.

Round 1 Winner

PVP Super Friends 1:0 Insidious Gaming

Round 2 - Airfield

  • ISG: Pershing, AMX13 90 x2, AMX50 100 x2, T1 x2
  • PVP: T32, AMX 50 100, T69, AMX13 90 x2, T1 x2

With 1 point behind, ISG plays cautiously and seeks a good opening to engage PVP’s forces. Although ISG tries to search for the enemy carefully, they still walked right into a trap.

They encounter PVP’s main force which was deployed between the hills in the center of the map. After a fierce engagement, PVP eliminates all of ISG's forces and takes another point.

Round 2 Winner

PVP Super Friends 2:0 Insidious Gaming

Round 3 - Prokhorovka

  • ISG: Pershing, T32 x2, Object 416, AMX 13 90, T1 x2
  • PVP: T32 x2, Object 416, AMX 13 90 x2, T1 x2

Both teams play defensively at the beginning of the round, however PVP's forces got separated and taking advantage of this chance, ISG leverages on a number advantage and successfully eliminates most of PVP’s forces swiftly.

Although PVP still had one remaining tank when the round came to an end, ISG was awarded the win due to tier difference. ISG gets their first point.

Round 3 Winner

PVP Super Friends 2:1 Insidious Gaming

[Time for a hot dance to ease the high tension. Both team took a short break to plan for  their next round]


Round 4 - Ruinberg

  • ISG: 110 x2, AMX 50 100 x3, T1 x2
  • PVP: 110 x2, AMX 13 90, AMX 50 100, T1 x2

Coming to the critical SET 4, ISG plays defensively in the city center while PVP seeks a chance to engage outside the city.

PVP makes a mistake by sending their forces to the city. ISG seizes the opportunity to surround and eliminates all of PVP’ tanks. The score is tied at 2:2.

Round 4 Winner

PVP Super Friends 2:2 Insidious Gaming

Round 5 - Mines

  • ISG: AMX13 90 x3, T32 x2, T1 x2
  • PVP: T32, AMX 50 100 x2, AMX13 90 x2, T1 x2

Both teams are looking to hit match point by winning SET5. PVP takes control of the central hill at the start of the round. ISG takes a gamble by sending out three AMX 13 90s to try to advance from the right side of the map, and two T32s down the central line in an attempt to break through PVP's defenses.

However, their gamble didn't pay off and PVP successfully cuts off ISG’s forces and makes short work of all their tanks. PVP is in the lead again with a 3:2 score.

Round 5 Winner

PVP Super Friends 3:2 Insidious Gaming

Round 6 - Ensk

  • ISG: 110 x2, AMX 50 100 x3, T1 x2
  • PVP: IS-3 x2, AMX 50 100 x3, T1 x2

Match point for PVP. PVP tries to scout out ISG’s tanks patiently. ISG decides to sit back on the defensive near the base. PVP’s tanks begin to push stably and compress the maneuver space, then cuts ISG’s tanks off again successfully.

In the final showdown, PVP eliminates ISG's tanks one after another to seal the match with a 4:2 score.

Round 6 Winner

PVP Super Friends 4:2 Insidious Gaming

Team G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7
PVP Super Friends
1 2 2 2 3 4  -
Insidious Gaming 0 0 1 2 2  -

[Congratulations to PVP Super Friends! They have managed to secure the champion title (see finals recap of Season 1) for two seasons in a row]