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TanksAsia Masters S2 SNS Giveaway Winners

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Tank Commanders!

If you haven't been away from the internet last weekend, you'd know that the TanksAsia Masters Season 2 FInals have come and gone in an epic series of battles, and that PVP Super Friends have successfully regained their title as Champions.

That's all well and good, but what's even better is that we now have a seperate list of winners, this time for our SNS Giveaway event which we told you about two weeks ago!

Facebook Giveaway

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who participated! We're sure your friends have caught on that something big was happening in Taiwan last weekend. Now, on to the good part...

These 10 randomly-picked winners will receive both 1,000and a Garage Slot:

  1. DSTank
  2. falcon_junior
  3. azmyl
  4. noname13
  5. FirstTimers
  6. Sirloin_Steak
  7. AmfibiPAL_FAF
  9. soham099
  10. Major_Destroyer


Twitter Giveaway

Did you manage to guess the champion correctly? If you did, good for you! Hopefully, you've remembered to tell us about it on Twitter, because we're releasing the names of these winners now!

These winners will receive 1,000as a reward:

Russian Server:

  1. DimdroID
  2. Ehtirom
  3. Deacken
  4. Zorkii_
  5. BKJI_BblKJI
  6. pryanik_jetro
  7. MaRaT102
  9. Vadim7
  10. Ghhostt

North American Server:

  1. Royal0816
  2. KriegerDX
  3. Foinix1967
  4. Agnos
  5. Athanatos67
  6. XryshAygh
  7. Phoenix_2104
  8. FoinixGR

EU Server:

  1.  _Belaj_Bager_
  2. Nickelchen
  3. 0ligon
  4. Temudschin1981
  5. ObiKaiKenobi
  6. B1itzkrieg
  7. Drainmutant
  8. adikinzor
  9. buh_vi
  10. Thor_UK

Korean Server:

  1. vivat_regina_majesty
  2. Roru
  3. 해산물
  4. 쌌다
  5. 다스부츠
  6. wotta
  7. 쏘지마킬좀먹자
  8. Chrysaor
  9. 버블s
  10. Reinforce

Asia Server:

  1. JRDeath
  2. lyh74
  3. VietTanker
  4. ASTRAY01
  5. Fyulon
  6. aelance
  7. Noranero
  8. Mr_Goodshot
  9. XTC_theSlayer
  10. Legend_Horse

Additionally, we have also picked one super lucky winner from each server to receive a Type 59 as a reward:

  • Ghostly_Bird (from Russian server)
  • KriegerDX (from North American server)
  • Sidewinder0378 (from EU server)
  • 폭도부대열중쉬어 (From Korean server)
  • seal000 (From Asia server)


Semi-final & Grand Final onground giveaway

In addition to our Facebook and Twitter giveaway events, we've also selected two winners on the event grounds itself, each of them being present in the Semi-final and Grand Final respectively. These two winners will also receive a Type 59 tank each, and they are:

  • 2641954
  • 61720759



Thank you all again for your participation, and we hope you enjoyed watching the tournament!