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Silver Mavericks Teams Update

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Attention tank commanders! If you’re involved in the upcoming Silver Mavericks tournament – or just want to be the first to spot potential future League APAC champions – then this announcement may be of interest to you.

Having previously represented APAC in the Grand Finals, GOLD BASS is officially disbanding after a long and glorious eSports career, and so will not be participating in the Silver Mavericks tournament. Recent Silver Series team NICE GUYS has sadly also decided to pull out for this round. We wish them all the best and hope to see them back on the battlefield in future!

As for Xtreme Tankers winners SuperNoobs, they have unfortunately fallen afoul of tournament registration rules and thus will not be eligible to enter the Silver Mavericks tournament. Instead, 2nd place winner _BigDaddy_ will be replacing them for a shot at next Season’s Gold Series. Congratulations and welcome to the big leagues!

Thank you to all teams for participating. Be sure to stay tuned for more WGL APAC news coming your way!