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Siege of 8s IV

Tank Commanders,

A new Siege of 8s tournament is beginning soon! Get your best Tier VIII tank ready and prepare to face some of the best opponents you'll find in the game!

Prefer short but intense matchups and a quick conclusion? The Siege of 8s may just be for you, as it doesn't span the length of several months (like WGL Asia). That way, you can get a taste of professional eSports environments without the long period of commitment that's required in other major tournaments.

Winning the tournament will net you decent sum of gold! Ready to start battling for it? Sign up now!

Previous Winners

Each of our Siege of 8s Series has produced some seriously good and incredibly fun matches. We promised you a champion at the end of each series, and here they are! Congratulations!

  • Siege of 8s Week 2 Winner: PVP Super Friends
  • Siege of 8s Week 3 Winner: Hoshi no Aman


Gold Prizes

Members of the top 16 teams at the end of each tournament week will receive a sum of gold according to their position. Needless to say, the prizes are well worth the week-long challenge! Have a look at what we offer:

  • First Place: 5,000 gold
  • Second Place: 3,000 gold
  • Third Place: 2,000 gold
  • Fourth Place: 1,000 gold
  • 5th - 8th Place: 500 gold
  • 9th - 16th Place: 250 gold


Tournament Details

To find out more about the finer details, please click on the name of the tournament under the "Tournament" field at the bottom of the page to get further information on the following:

  • Tier Limits
  • Victory Conditions
  • Schedule
  • Prizes
  • Maps
  • Rules
  • Registration Terms

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TournamentRegistration StartTournament Start
Registration Link
Siege of 8s Weekly Tournament
2nd June, 2014 (Mon) 9th June, 2014 (Mon)

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