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Quarter Year Championship Q1: Semi and Grand Finals

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Tank Commanders!

It's the battle of the best. And our finalists are going to fight it out for the cool grand prize of USD 4,500! Who's gonna win the championship title!?

Have your favourite morning breakfast while watching the tournament if you have to. Let's watch the live stream and show these brave tank commanders some support!



Our brave contestants have fought hard and well to make it this far. In the glorious finals, all teams will leave with a cash prize. But the battle goes on for the championship title and the highly-coveted first prize:


4,500 USD

  • 2nd place: 3,000 USD
  • 3rd place: 1,500 USD
  • 4th Place: 600 USD


Last Chance to Vote for the Ring Girls!

The pretty Ring Girls will be back for these two days to feed us with more bonus codes! The voting thread is still open. Support your favourite Ring Girl by voting for her here.


Catch the Battles: Semi and Grand Finals

Semi Finals

Event Start: 03 May, 2014 (Saturday) @ 10:00 UTC+8 (02:00 UTC)


3rd May

1st Match TCSG: Coal diggers
(Week 1 winners)
(Week 2 winners)
2nd Match Super Whiny Singaporeans
(Week 3 winners)
Mukla's Army
(Week 4 winners)

Grand Finals

Event Start: 04 May, 2014 (Sunday) @ 10:00 UTC+8 (02:00 UTC)


4th May

1st Match 1st Match Loser
2nd Match Loser
2nd Match 1st Match Winner
2nd Match Winner

Watch the live stream of the Quarter Year Championship - Q1 Semi and Grand Finals here!



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