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QYC Q3 Week 4 Recaps

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Tank Commanders!

The last week of the QYC Q3 qualifiers has ended. This time around, new teams are still popping up to test themselves even though the tournament is well on its way towards a climatic finish in the finals, but can they still make it through?

Find out below!

22nd October


Match 1: Baks Treat Boys vs. TEAM_KMB

Match 1: Baks Treat Boys vs TEAM_KMB

The first game was played on Malinovka, and we saw the standard rush to the North-east end of the map for a straight up brawl from both sides. Baks Treat Boys initially lost one tank in the charge up the hill towards the windmill, then lost another shortly after before backing off gradually. Even though TEAM_KMB lost two tanks in the same exchange, they were consistently staying ahead of their adversaries. Both sides eventually retreated off the hill, with TEAM_KMB possessing a damage lead.

Shortly afterwards, TEAM_KMB forced the hand of Baks Treat Boys by initiating a capture. By now, the tanks possessed by Baks Treat Boys were down to very low HP levels, so fighting a defensive battle was to the advantage of TEAM_KMB. The last three tanks on BTB were taken down with only four penetrating shots.

Game number two was played on Murovanka. Initially BTB rushed the spawn of TEAM_KMB and then gradually working their way to the capture circle from the center of the map. By this time, the capture was set to more than 50% and BTB was hard-pressed to make a move. They rushed in to the capture circle and lit up the entire team, losing only a single tank in the initial engagement while dropping three of TEAM_KMBs. At the end of the game BTB had 4 low and medium HP tanks remaining, while TEAM_KMB's lineup was completely destroyed. The score was tied at 1:1.

Game number three was played on El Halluf where we saw yet another standard rush to the North-west side of the map from both sides. Unfortunately for TEAM_KMB, the newcomers stumbled off to a bad start with less-than-ideal positioning and scattered fire, and were quickly overwhelmed by Baks Treat Boys (the latter losing only a single tank). BTB goes on to the first place / second place match of the evening.

Match 1 Winner

Baks Treat Boys 2:1 TEAM_KMB


Match 2: Galis Pilipinas vs. OVN

Match 2: Galis Pilipinas vs. OVN

The first game was played out on Siegfried Line and Galas Pilipinas wasted no time setting up an ambush by occupying the capture circle. OVN on the other hand made a fatal mistake by sending a single tank in to the capture circle to attempt a reset vs. three tanks. The result was an all-out retaliation from all three tanks in the capture circle which started the snowball towards victory for Galas Pilipinas.

The second game was played on El Halluf where we witnessed conservative and well-coordinated play from Galis Pilipinas. Eventually OVN was pushed in to the center of the map and Pilipinas divided their tanks for a split attack, decimating OVN's tanks with cold efficiency.

Match 2 Winner

Galis Pilipinas 2:0 OVN


Match 3: OVN vs. TEAM_KMB

Match 3: OVN vs. TEAM_KMB

Game 1 was played on El Halluf, proceeding with the standard standoff at the NW corner of the map. However, OVN soon rushed in to a fight that they could not win. Throwing themselves repeatedly at their opponents, OVN subsequently lost the battle to TEAM_KMB, who still had 3 tanks remaining at the end of the game.

The second match was played on Murovanka, and although OVN tried its hardest to get the win, it just wasn’t enough. Settling for an ultra-conservative play while attemping to scout their opponent’s weakspots, they were slowly beaten back by TEAM_KMB. OVN has to settle for 4th prize while TEAM_KMB takes third.

Match 3 Winner



Finals: Galis Pilipinas vs Baks Treat Boys

Finals: Galis Pilipinas vs Baks Treat Boys

Game one was played on Murovanka. Galis Pilipinas lost the upper hand in the beginning of this game when one of their tanks lost quite a few chunks of HP early on. The team eventually lost the first tank but still won the game with excellent coordinated fire and rush techniques.

Game number two was played on Malinovka where we saw a standard rush to the North-East side of the map. Baks Treat Boys overpowered and overcame their opponents very very quickly. The game lasted less than two minutes, and BTB were victorious, bringing the set to 1:1.

The final game was played on El Halluf. The standard gambit of moving to the North-west was carried out by both sides, before Baks Treat Boys dove in on Galis when they showed signs of retreating from their positions. The exchange that ensued was both chaotic, although both teams managed to retain parity by trading an equal number of tanks. The game unceremoniously ended with a crash from a tank from Galis Pilipinas, plummeting from a comfortable 50% HP just moments before. Baks Treat Boys takes the match with a score of 2:1.

Finals Winner

Galis Pilipinas 1:2 Baks Treat Boys