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QYC Q3 Grand Final Recaps

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Tank Commanders!

QYC Q3 has finally ended with an exciting finals spanning the course of two days! The champion of the tournament has long been decided, but we won't spoil the fun for you just yet. Have a look at the replays and recaps and find out for yourself!

Q3 Ring Girl Winner

The votes have spoken: our new Ring Girl Winner for Q3 is none other than the lovely PiePie! Congratulations!

Razer DeathAdder winners

Over the course of the tournament, we also held a mini contest with the prize being a Razer DeathAdder for the winners. The contest is now over; have a look at the list below to see if you're one of the lucky ones!

  • aruruu
  • khactu2001
  • leeeric999

8th November


Match 1: Horseman vs. NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha

Match 1: Horseman vs NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha

The first game initially began with an even exchange of tanks from both sides, creating a three vs. three situation in which the Aces got the upper hand. One more tank fell for NVIDIA Aces in the ensuing fight, but they managed to shut down Horseman entirely with two tanks remaining.

Game number 2 was played on El Halluf and both the Aces and Horseman pushed the Northwest corner of the map. Unfortunately for Horseman, most of their shots failed to connect, and as a result they were on the back-foot at 4:30 on the clock. At 4:15, the Aces began to flank using TheSerius, dropping all the tanks on their team in 25 seconds without losing a single tank themselves. This brought the score to 2:0 in this best of five.

Siegfried line was game number three, and three was the number of tanks that initiated a capture from Horseman. When TheSerius came in for a flank this game around, it backfired and the Aces made their move. There were 4 tanks remaining from Horseman, and only one from the Aces. After a full sixty seconds of stalling for time from NVIDIA Aces, the final tank was surrounded and taken down, bringing Horseman back by one point at 2:1.

Game number four was played on Sacred Valley, and after both sides exchanged a single tank, Horseman tried to capture the capture zone. After a perfect 50-50 split from the Aces, they charged in to the capture circle to take Horseman out of the game without dropping a single tank since their early game exchange.

Match 1 Winner

Horseman 1:3 NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha


Match 2: Steel Knight vs. Baks Treat Boys

Match 2: Steel Knight vs. Baks Treat Boys

In game number 1 on El Halluf, we saw a quick detour from standard play by Steel Knight; they rushed to a spot where they could put in a few quick shots on BTB before rushing the Northwest end of the map. The fight was one that caught BTB a little bit out of position and Steel Knight took game number one with three tanks remaining on the field.

Game number 2 was played on Malinovka and the edge was created for BTB when they took down one tank from Steel Knight after the initial rush to the Northeast end of the map from both sides. However, Steel Knight elected to play more conservatively the rest of the game, and gradually turned it around on the heads of BTB, again with three tanks left on the field for themselves.

Game Number 3 was played on Murovanka and a capture was initiated by Steel Knight, but one of the tanks stepped out of the capture circle (perhaps by mistake) and a very close exchange entailed. A clutch play came from gekreisch who rammed one of the last two tanks when he himself could have been taken out of the game by a single shot. He then made the next shot connect with the last remaining tank from Steel Knight, thus bringing the score back 2:1.

Game number 4 was played on Siegfried Line. Neither side initially went for a capture, but upon knocking out a single tank from BTB, Steel Knight went for an ambush with their one tank lead. They didn’t initiate a capture, but of course they knew BTB could not afford to take a draw. Forcing BTB to fight them, Steel Knight took the final game with four tanks on the field.

Match 2 Winner

Steel Knight 3:1 Baks Treat Boys

9th November


Match 3: Baks Treat Boys vs. Horseman

Match 3: Baks Treat Boys vs. Horseman

Initially Horseman got the better end of the exchange in Game 1 on El Halluf, where they simply played their picks well and picked off tanks 1 by 1 after a solid rush with even more solid coordinated fire, putting them up one point.

Game number 2 was played on Malinovka, with both sides sporting the old rush up the Northeast end of the map. The picks initially were going largely in favor of Horseman, and then a flank was attempted by one member of BTB, to no avail. Horseman took that game with three tanks remaining on the field. Horseman were up now 2:0.

The third game was played on Murovanka, and Horseman initiated a capture that BTB was forced to answer in one form or another. Horseman abandoned the capture even though they took a single tank off of the enemy team with that bait, they decided to fight BTB head on as opposed to finishing their capture. All five tanks were on the field at the end of the game for Horseman, winning the set 3:0 and pocketing 1,500 USD.

Match 3 Winner

Baks Treat Boys 0:3 Horseman


Finals: Steel Knight vs NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha

Finals: Steel Knight vs NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha

Game number 1 ended in victory for NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha, and the VoD is not available due to technical issues. Game number 2 was a draw on Halluf which was a little counter-climactic given that we saw one last tank from the Aces plunging in to the middle of the map with three seconds left on the clock, and no one could chase him down.

Game number 3 was played on Malinovka where Steel Knight got a decent rush vs. the Aces, but in the end it was a 2 vs. 1 with the final tank on Steel Knight being really really lit. The second prize therefore goes to the new bloods from Taiwan, while the more renowned and established NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha received first prize and the title of champion of QYC Q3.

Finals Winner

Steel Knight 1:3 NVIDIA Aces Gaming Alpha