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Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 4

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Tank Commanders!

Tonight’s four teams were composed of three old, familiar faces, and 1 new team previously unseen: TCSG: Coal Diggers, BunThitNuong, ACES Gaming, and One Ball Rush. BunThitNuong and ACES gaming were known as the Immortals in the WGL Season 1, but they divided into two different teams for the QYC’s 3v3 format.  One Ball Rush is a team from Hong Kong, and TCSG: Coal Diggers are a team from Singapore.


Match 1: Coal Diggers vs. BunthitNuong: 0:2

Match 1
Game 1 was carried out on Mines. Coal Diggers took occupation of the center hill as soon as they had a chance. Despire this, BunthitNuong was playing patiently, shooting as required until they singled out the Coal Diggers' last M24 Chaffee, which they took down. Ensk was the map for Game 2. BunthiNuong used their KV-1 as bait and successfully lured their opposing team into killing him. A failure to follow through from the M24 Chaffee on Coal Diggers directly led to a huge lack of damage output from the said team, leading to victory.

Match 1 Winner

TCSG: Coal Diggers 0:2 BunThitNuong


Match 2: ACES Gaming vs. One Ball Rush: 2:0

Match 2

After trying to stay calm and play picks, One Ball Rush was simply not able to outdo their opponents’ play on aim. One of the more critical faults of the game for One Ball Rush is that the route the T-49 took on their team was painfully close to ACES Gaming’s team. After discovering the extremely close T-49, ACES Gaming dived in on him, and then continued their god-like focus fire onto One Ball Rush, giving them the 1-0 lead. Game number two began on Mines with our Hong Kong team rushing the lighthouse and trying to take advantage of their domination over the area, and baiting the ACES Team out by running around wildly in the lake area at F3 and playing picks against an up-hill target. This strategy did not work so well, as the tank that was attempting to bait out ACES was the first to fall, and his teammates were taken down within seconds of himself falling due to wise coordinated fire from our Vietnamese team. ACES Gaming takes the series 2-0.

Match 2 Winner



Match 3: One Ball Rush vs. CoalDiggers: 2:0

Match 3

After playing calmly and scouting the map for the first two minutes of the first game on Prokhorovka, we saw Coal Diggers attempt to capture the base, but they played into a death trap that One Ball Rush had already set up. However, the problem with that death trap was that it lacked vision. While the T49 and Ram II sat comfortably on the hills to the eastern side of the map, the M24 Chaffee gave vision to his allies by rushing through the tracks on the map and delivering the killing blow to two tanks after coordinated fire lit them severely. Hook, line, and sinker – One Ball Rush takes Game #1 in strong fashion. Game 2 was played on Ensk. Both sides were playing a bit conservatively while simultaneously scouting. After a frantic exchange of fire, One Ball Rush took the series two to zero with only a 200 HP Ram II remaining on the map.

Match 3 Winner

ONE BALL RUSH 2:0 TCSG: Coal Diggers


Finals: BunThitNuong vs. ACES Gaming: 2:1


The setting for Game 1 was on Mines. After several attempts by BunThitNuong to bait their opponents into an ambush, they were all taken down by the slick counter-plays and coordinated fire from their opponents. ACES Gaming gets a one point lead. Game 2 was played out on Ensk. Amazona in the Chaffee was the first to fall for ACES, meaning that the firepower, mobility, and scouting abilities of the said tank were removed from the game. One by one TheSerius fell followed by NeverBest, putting BunThitNuong on even ground with their counterparts that were also from the same seven man team known as The Immortals. Game 3 was played on Ruinberg. It wasn’t until the 3:40 mark that we saw either side take any damage. Neither side was concerned with taking the capture circle; instead they were hunting each other down. At the C1 coordinates on the map, we saw TheSerius, NeverBest, and Amazona all three fall within seconds and in that order. BunThitNuong takes the match 2:1 with an incredible comeback!

Finals' Winner

BunThitNuong 2:1 ACES GAMING