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Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 1

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Tank Commanders!

If you've missed the Live Stream of QYC Q2 Week 1, here are the recaps! In Week 1, RUN, B-Gaming Little Tankers, SomBooDee, and [HT] Hue-Team contested for the week's winning title and their ticket to the Grand Finals.

Read on to find out who won!


Match 1: RUN vs. B-Gaming Little Tankers: 0:2

Game 1 - Prokhorovka
  • RUN: T49, KV-1, Chaffee
  • B-Gaming Little Tankers:Chaffee, T49, M7

Things start off slow and conservatively between Hong Kong team RUN and B-Gaming Little Tankers from Japan. RUN_CmcKelviN is the first of RUN’s fallen. JPNoobPlayer, who was subsequently discovered by RUN shortly after the kill on their KV1, got eaten alive by oiu123456 and PhanToM_SymPhonY. While going for the capture, yamato_ from B-Gaming Little Tankers was destroyed, leaving only the Chaffee piloted by BanzaiAttack to fight off two tanks on team RUN. BanzaiAttack pulls off a miracle double kill on team RUN, and gives his team a 1-0 lead in this Bo3.

Game 1 Winner

RUN 0:1 B-Gaming Little Tankers


Game 2 - Mines
  • RUN: T49, KV-1, Chaffee
  • B-Gaming Little Tankers:Chaffee, T49, Pz. IV II

Team B-Gaming Little Tankers capitalised on their point lead and draw condition to get them the win. Even when there was only 1 minute left on the clock, neither side had lost a player. During the last 30 seconds of the game, oiu123456 was taken down by B-Gaming Little Tankers at the lighthouse, where both teams had all of their tanks situated. The result of the engagement was a 4HP BanzaiAttack, who was taken down by PhanToM_SymPhonY with 15 seconds remaining on the clock as B-Gaming Little Tankers was back-pedaling to their spawn point. PhanToM_SymPhonY got over-zealous in his T49, and died in two shots with literally only one second remaining on the clock. 10 tier points to 5 put B-Gaming Little Tankers at 2-0, earning them the victory. One mistake can cost a team an entire Bo3.

Game 2 Winner

RUN 0:2 B-Gaming Little Tankers


Match 2: SomBooDee vs [HT] Hue-Team: 2:1


Game 1 - Ensk
  • SomBooDee: Chaffee, M7, KV-1
  • [HT] Hue-Team:T-25, Chaffee, KV-1

The trademark aggression of Vietnamese teams really showed in this game, as both teams are from Vietnam. For those who didn’t watch the earlier battles, Immortals renamed their QYC team to SomBooDee. The M24 Chaffee, KV-1 and M7 from SomBooDee facing off against [HT]Hue-Team’s T-25, M24 Chaffee and KV-1 had us wondering just what new elements of the game would be exposed. IMT_Ningyo was cornered on the south side of the map, and taken down from coordinated fire from the entire [HT] team. However, we were not entirely convinced that SomBooDee would lose this game. There will still two nearly-full HP tanks for the consistently strong-performing Vietnamese team, SomBooDee compared to the three low-HP tanks from [HT]. In the end, the coordination from the [HT] was so great that SomBooDee fell after an excellent split and surround from [HT]. Ky_si_Bong_dem from [HT] was downed. But _Eminem_ and Rovsky took IMT_Apollo out of the game, putting SomBooDee down 1-0.

Game 1 Winner

SomBooDee 0:1 [HT] Hue-Team


Game 2 - Himmelsdorf
  • SomBooDee: Chaffee, M7, KV-1
  • [HT] Hue-Team:CT-25, Chaffee, KV-1

SomBooDee rushed out to the capture circle at the tracks while their opposing team, rushed up the hill and through SomBooDee’s spawn point. SomBooDee’s decision to start the capture paid off, as they set up an ambush that gave them a damage lead. Excellent coordination of fire, and playing picks dealt out enough damage on [HT] to give themselves a damage lead, and when [HT] finally decided to push for a capture, they were all killed one by one with the KV-1, piloted by IMT_Zeus.


Game 2 Winner

SomBooDee 1:1 [HT] Hue-Team


Game 3 - Ruinberg
  • SomBooDee: Chaffee, T1 Heavy, M7
  • [HT] Hue-Team:T-25, KV-1, Chaffee

[HT]spawned in the north and rushed to the middle to get the capture, forcing team SomBooDee into an ambush of their making. Ky_si_Bong_Dem in a KV1 took a lot of damage before spotting an isolated IMT_Ningyo in his M24 Chaffee, at which point the [HT] team made the decision to dive in on IMT_Ningyo, who out-manoeuvred their turrets and ran away while simultaneously coordinating fire with the rest of his team to knock team [HT] in to the loser’s match of the evening.


Game 3 Winner

SomBooDee 2:1 [HT] Hue-Team



3rd Place: [HT]Hue-Team vs RUN

Game 1 - Himmelsdorf
  • [HT]Hue-Team: T-25, Chaffee, KV-1
  • RUN:KV-1, Chaffee, Ram II

Our Hong Kong team faced off against our not-so-lucky Vietnam team. Both teams made a conservative rush for the capture circle when an exchange of fire between CognacWine and the entire [HT] Team began. CognacWine didn’t have a chance when two of the [HT] team members rushed up line 3, and took him down. Not far from that position, oiu123456 and RUN_CmcKelviN were K.O.’d in that order with only Ky_si_Bong_dem being the only fallen from team [HT].

Game 1 Winner

[HT]Hue-Team 1:0 RUN


Game 2 - Ruinberg
  • [HT]Hue-Team: T-25, KV-1, Chaffee
  • RUN:Pz. IV H, KV-1, Chaffee

Rovsky from [HT] rushed for the fortifiable position behind the fountain in the capture circle along with his two teammates, and the capture made it to about 80% before the entire plan fell apart for our previous game victors from Vietnam, with team RUN dropping only a single player -  CognacWine. Team RUN took down the opposing team one by one.


Game 2 Winner

[HT]Hue-Team 1:1 RUN



Game 3 - Ensk
  • [HT]Hue-Team: Pz. IV H, KV-1, Chaffee
  • RUN:Pz. IV H, KV-1, Chaffee

Just a little after the five-minute mark, RUN_CmcKelviN was the first to get hit. [HT] was in a solid position after starting the capture which baited out oiu123456 in his Chaffee, but the flanking manoeuvre did no damage to the [HT] team and instead disoriented team RUN, causing them to take damage and  throw CognacWine, CmcKelvin, and oiu123456 out of the game in that order. Not a single casualty for [HT] team.


Game 3 Winner

[HT]Hue-Team 2:1 RUN


Finals: SomBooDee vs B-Gaming little

Game 1 - Himmelsdorf
  • SomBooDee: T-25, KV-1, Chaffee
  • B-Gaming Little Tankers:Chaffee, Excelsior, Pz. IV H

Both sides rushed down their own side of the hill, but SomBooDee arrived at the capture circle faster, thus setting up an ambush that B-gaming little was forced to work their way in to. BanzaiAttack got too zealous at the G3 intersection, and took a good chunk of damage in his Premium Heavy Tank from Britain. More flanks and plays from the SomBooDee s got BanzaiAttack out of game first, followed by Yamato and JPNoobPlayer.

Game 1 Winner

SomBooDee 1:0 B-Gaming Little Tankers


Game 2 - Mines
  • SomBooDee: M7, T1 Heavy, Chaffee
  • B-Gaming Little Tankers:KV-1, Chaffee, Pz. IV H

B-Gaming Little Tankers tried rushing to the capture circle for the win, but instead they were all cornered and an exchange of fire took place that strongly favoured team SomBooDee. JPNoobPlayer, Yamato, and BanzaiAttack all fell in that order, but not before taking out Zeus, from SomBooDee.


Game 2 Winner

SomBooDee 2:0 B-Gaming Little Tankers


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