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Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Grand Finals

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Tank Commanders!

The QYC Grand Finals took place over 2 days. Our champions were from Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan. Give some applause to Someboodee, Bunthitnuong, Horseman, and B-Gaming Viwako! They sure fought hard to get to the Grand Finals. But there's only enough room for one team at the top.

Find out how the ultimate champions pushed their way to the top with these battle recaps:


Match 1: SomeBooDee vs. BunThitNuong: 3:1

Match 1

Game 1 was played on Ensk. After a few spots and pokes, it looked as though the game could go either way between our two Vietnamese teams. UnrealRogue was taken down after a track shot immobilized him. Anubis was next on the hit list after becoming isolated from the supporting fire of his teammate in the M24 Chaffee, Hades25, who then fell shortly after. This wasn’t a total slaughter though – Hades had fallen in the firefights and the end game HP for SomeBooDee was less than 500 for both of their remaining tanks.

Game 2 was played on Himmelsdorf. After a bit of sewer-snaking and sneaking around, Someboodee’s KV-1 was taken down quickly; followed up by their M24 and T-49 in the same 3-second window, bringing the score back to 1-1.

Game three was played out on Mines, and early on Ningyo in his Chaffee took a lot of damage, leaving him at 217 HP. Despite this, however, he found a way to sneak up on the enemy team through their spawn at the south and unloaded as many shells as he could on the KV-1 camping at G5. After the KV-1 was taken down, it was all hook-line and sinker in favour of Someboodee. There were a lot of close calls for Someboodee though, because two of their tanks were one shot away from being destroyed.

Game four was not so hot for Bunthitnuong either: as soon as the game began on Ruinberg, both teams rushed for the villa at the center-east end of the map that did not end well for the blue Vietnamese team. Someboodee advances to the 1st prize / 2nd prize match of the Grand Finals.

Match 1 Winner

SomBooDee 3:1 BunThitNuong


Match 2: Horseman vs. B-Gaming Viwako: 1:3

Match 2

We were eager to see how Taiwan’s best team would fare against a Japanese team that we were not so familiar with. Game one was played on Prokhorovka. After a good deal of damage had been inflicted on sova from B-Gaming Viwako, team Horseman simply over extended and took the river route to attacking the enemy team, which was counterproductive because they lost the high-ground advantage. B-Gaming Viwako gains one point despite being put at a considerable disadvantage at the beginning of the game.

In game #2 we saw B-Gaming Viwako using their one-point lead to force Horseman to attack them. The game ended in a draw, resulting in both teams getting one point and Viwako keeping their lead at 2-1.

In the third game on Ruinberg, despite their score-lead, we witnessed our Japanese team opt for a rush to the villa at the centre-east end of the map. After a valiant stand from None-TW in the M24 Chaffee as the last tanker alive for his team, he was simply taken down by the law of tanks: 2 vs 1 almost never ends in victory for 1.


Match 2 Winner

Horseman 1:3 B-Gaming Viwako


3rd Placing: Horseman vs. Bunthitnuong: 1:3

3rd Placing

In game number one Horseman got some amazing picks as they rushed to the E and F 3 zones while their opposing team made way for E and F 5. However, due to the positioning of Bunthitnuong, they had more cover readily available to them, and upon discovering Horseman’s position, they returned fire while behind cover. Somehow astoundingly, Horseman’s tanks were all killed in quick succession.

Game number two was played on Mines. Horseman, once again had some amazing picks and connecting shots in the beginning of the game, but they kept themselves in the open while simultaneously trying to continue playing those picks with Bunthitnuong returning fire from cover. Horseman gradually fell to their Vietnamese foes, with an amazing flank from Anubis in an M7. Game number three. Ruinberg. Not unlike the previous games we had seen in this 3 vs. 3 cup, both sides rushed for the villa on the center-east end of the map. After another twisted tango between our two teams, it was a 1v1 between a KV-1 and an M24 Chaffee. The Chaffee gained so much in the way of momentum, that it was running circles around the KV-1, resulting in the first victory of the set for Horseman.

The final game was played on Himmelsdorf, where Horseman was hunted down and isolated one by one. Bunthitnuong took third prize and 1,500 USD to pocket while our Taiwanese titans took 500.

3rd Place Winner

BunThitNuong 1:3 Horseman


Grand Finals: B-Gaming Viwako vs. Someboodee: 1:3

Grand Finals

The first game of the Grand Finals was on Mines. After a lot of patient play from both sides, we saw B-gaming make the first move by going for a capture that was shut down with solid tactics and coordination by Someboodee, stopping them dead in their tracks. Our Vietnamese team with a vendetta took game number one.

Game number two was played on Prokhorovka. Ningyo fell in his M24 Chaffee after rushing up the hill and attempting to rear-end Viwako while simultaneously providing vision to his teammates. Despite the efforts of the T1 heavy and M7 to hold their ground against the might of the Japanese juggernauts, they were forced to give way and lost the game after trying to prevent a capture, thus revealing their positions. The score was a dead-even one to one.

Himmelsdorf was the order of the day for game number three. The game started to take shape at the seven minute mark when someboodee forced the hand of B-gaming Viwako and exposed their already poke-picked tanks to fire from two completely different directions. Two of them fell immediately, though not for free. Apollo in his T-25 gave his life to take down 7mm. From then on it was just a fox-hunt for the remaining two members of Someboodee, then taking a 2 point lead over their B-gaming adversaries.

Game four. Ruinberg. Rush for the center villa on the east-side of the map. The players were amazingly one-sided for B-gaming in the beginning, but the counter plays came in to effect very quickly for Someboodee and they took the final game with two very low HP tanks and one high-HP tank in the end.


Grand Finals' Winner

B-Gaming Viwako 1:3 SomBooDee