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Quarter Year Championship Q1: We've Got a Champion!

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Tank Commanders!

It's the end of Q1's Quarter Year Championship. All contenders put up a good fight. Thanks for supporting your fellow tankers and voting for the Ring Girls. Now's the moment of glory where winning teams take their curtain call.

The ultimate victory and grand prize of the Quarter Year Championship - Q1 goes to:





A hearty congratulations to Mukla's Army! They swept up the winner's title in Week 4 and bagged the championship in the finals! Your efforts have paid off! Well done!


The Prizes

Every great Tank Commander deserves to be awarded. This is what our champions walked away with:


4,500 USD

  • 2nd place: 3,000 USD
  • 3rd place: 1,500 USD
  • 4th Place: 600 USD


Three Cheers for our Winners!

  • First Place: Mukla's Army (USD 4,500)
  • Second Place: IMT_Warrior (USD 3,000)
  • Third Place: TCSG: Coal diggers (USD 1,500)
  • Fourth Place: Super Whiny Singaporeans (USD 600)



Semi Finals

Event Start: 03 May, 2014 (Saturday) @ 10:00 UTC+8 (02:00 UTC)



3rd May

1st Match TCSG: Coal diggers
(Week 1 winners)
(Week 2 winners)
2nd Match Super Whiny Singaporeans
(Week 3 winners)
Mukla's Army
(Week 4 winners)


Grand Finals

Event Start: 04 May, 2014 (Sunday) @ 10:00 UTC+8 (02:00 UTC)



4th May

3rd Placing TCSG: Coal diggers
Super Whiny Singaporeans
Grand Finals IMT_Warrior
Mukla's Army


We'll be back! Stay tuned on the World of Tanks Asia portal and look out for Q1's tournament recaps and Quarter Year Championship - Q2!


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