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Quarter Year Championship Q1: Week 2 Registration

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Tank Commanders!

We hope you've done your warm-ups. The tournament field is no place for farming credits. Dust off your best tier 5 tank and get ready for battle! Fantastic rewards await the strongest of tankers!

Does your team have what it takes to be Week 2's winner?

Sign up and find out!

More details below:

Prizes: Week 1-4

First place winners of the weekly tournaments will earn a place in the grand finals where a cash prize is guaranteed.

The following prizes will be awarded to each member of the respective teams, including reserves:

  • Second Place: 2,000 gold
  • Third Place: 1,500 gold
  • Fourth Place: 1,000 gold
  • 5th - 8th Place: 800 gold


Prizes: Online Grand Finals


4,500 USD

  • 2nd place: 3,000 USD
  • 3rd place: 1,500 USD
  • 4th Place: 600 USD


Face the Challenge

Visit the microsite for more details:

  • Tournament Chart
  • Watch Live Now
  • Rules
  • Tournament Results


Quarter Year Championship - Q1 microsite


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Tournament Registration Start
Tournament Start
Registration Link
Quarter Year Championship 31 March, 2014 (Mon)
05 April, 2014 (Sat)

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