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Players' Choice Tournament #5

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Tank Commanders,

It's the fifth Players' Choice Tournament! You now have access to the mighty Tier 10s, but it won't be an all-out brawl with 10 max-tiered vehicles. With only 40 tier points to spend between your team of 5 players, how will you decide your tank lineup?

You'll find more details about the tournament below, including information about the prize pool. If your team becomes the champion this time around, each player will receive 3,000 as a prize.

Good luck!


Players' Choice Tournament #5

Tournament Rules

  • Maximum players per team: 5
  • Maximum vehicle Tier allowed: 10
  • Total Tier points available per team: 40
  • Game mode: Standard Battle, Best-of-3 series, Single Elimination
  • Battle time: 7 minutes + 2 minutes break time
  • Total available slots for tournament: 1024 teams
  • Map pool: Random


  • 1st Place: 3,000(per player)
  • 2nd - 8th Place: 800(per player)



TournamentRegistration StartRegistration End
Registration Link
Players' Choice Tournament #5 4 February, 2015 (Wed) 11 February, 2015 (Mon)

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