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The Pacific Rumble: APAC Team Interviews

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To their fans in Asia and Korea, this year’s Pacific Rumble APAC teams need no introduction. Arch-rivals EL Gaming and KONGDOO have long been locked in a battle for supremacy: KONGDOO, the three-time regional champions, and EL Gaming, the David that finally toppled Goliath to take home the king’s crown at the recent WGL APAC Season Finals. Will these two tanking titans be able to put aside their differences and unite under the APAC banner? Stay tuned to find out!

Plus, to celebrate The Pacific Rumble, we’ve asked our teams to pick some of their favourite tanks, and we’ll be offering exclusive discounts and EXP bonuses to go with them. So if you’ve ever wanted to play like the top tankers, now’s your chance to up your game and get ready to Rumble. Scroll to the end of this article for more details!

EL Gaming

2015 has been a good year for EL Gaming. The first and only full-time professional WoT eSports team in China, they recently defeated long-time adversaries KONGDOO to become the reigning champs of the APAC region, and as of April, hold the distinction of also being the first ever Asian team to make it all the way to the last round of the WGL Grand Finals. Could The Pacific Rumble title be the next trophy for their shelves?

Please introduce your team to your eSports fans in Asia and Korea. How long have you been competing in WoT? What are some of your achievements as a team?

EL: We’ve been competing for more than a year; our best performance was in the 2015 WGL Grand Finals where we finished world runner-up, but we aim to become the world champion next.

WG: How would you describe your team’s playstyle?

EL: We execute our strategies quickly in battle, and communicate well with each other.

WG: What do you love most about competitive WoT?

EL: It involves 7 people, all having a tacit understanding of one common thing, striving to achieve perfection together.

WG: How does it feel to be representing APAC in The Pacific Rumble?

EL: We’re aiming to be worthy of the name.

WG: How have you been preparing for the tournament?

EL: We’ve been examining the existing meta and its current resources to find its shortcomings and loopholes, so as to gradually improve upon the whole system.

EL Gaming’s Top Tank Picks

AMX 50 100
AMX 50 100



Cool shape, good mobility, good fire power and burst power.

Decent mobility, thick armour, strong fire power… No reasons not to love it.
– GuanRen

Very thick turret armour, good gun depression… We call it the shield of the team, a reliable iron monster. I like this tank very much.



Korean fan favourite KONGDOO’s history is a star-studded one – they’ve carried off the palm every single WGL APAC season in 2014, and have numerous WCG and WCA wins to their name despite being a relatively young team. This year, they’re entering the fray with a new name, new line-up, and an exciting new set of strategies that we can’t wait to see played out in the field. But will that be enough to bring them to glory once again?

 Please introduce your team to your eSports fans in Asia and Korea. How long have you been competing in WoT? What are some of your achievements as a team?

KD: Our team started as "ARETE" in 2013. Since winning the championship in WTKL season 1, we've also won the APAC championship title in 2014 Seasons 1, 2, 3 and the final, as well as the WCA. We've had to reorganize our roster as some of our players retired from competitive gaming in 2015. We may have changed our team name to "KONGDOO", but our performance remains steady. As for our achievements as a team, we won the championship in the 2015 WGL APAC-KR Season 1 Gold series, and have been runner-up in both the WGL APAC Season 1 Final and WGL APAC tournament Season 2. We have not been doing as well as we did when we were "ARETE", but we're still trying to improve ourselves.

WG: How does it feel to be representing APAC in The Pacific Rumble?

KD: First of all, we're very glad. Being a representative means that you're being recognized. When we were selected as one of the teams representing Asia, we were all shouting with joy.

WG: What do you love most about competitive WoT?

KD: The best thing we love about WoT is that among other competitive games that have eSports leagues, it is the only game about tanks. Who wouldn't try the game after watching exciting team battles with legendary tanks that really existed in history?

WG: Which team are you most looking forward to meeting in battle?

KD: We'd like to meet HWC and NOBLE, the best teams in NA.

WG: How do you plan to celebrate if you win?

KD: Taking some pictures and having a party! We haven't thought about ceremonies though.

KONGDOO’s Top Tank Picks


T-54 ltwt.
T-54 ltwt


The IS-3 has good manoeuvrability and firepower, plus nice sloped armour. It has the highest performance among Tier VIII heavy tanks.
– RedBull

Highest armour stats in the light tank class, high class accuracy and damage dealing.
– ApinkZZang

Good penetration value using the 155mm HEAT shell, and fast reloading at 17 seconds. Can cause 600~800 damage to enemy. Also, it has enough speed for strategic team movements.
– hypo

[Special] Watching The Big Game

Event Start: 6 November, 2015 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 9 November, 2015 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Mission: Rumbling Outside of the Ladder


Deal damage to at least 2 enemy vehicles in a single battle.


  • Repeatable
  • 7v7 Random Battles & Strongholds
  • Must be in any of the following vehicles:
    • LT VI T37
    • LT VI AMX 12 t
    • SPG VI M44
    • LT VII WZ-131
    • LT VIII T-54 lightweight
    • LT VIII Ru 251
    • HT VIII IS-3
    • HT VIII AMX 50 100
    • HT VIII T32


  • x1.3 EXP


Mission: Titans of the Pacific


Win a Team Battle.


  • Repeatable
  • 7v7 (Unranked and Ranked Team Battles)


  • x2 Crew EXP


Special: Watching The Big Game

30% off for the following:

  • LT VI T37
  • LT VI AMX 12 t
  • SPG VI M44
  • LT VII WZ-131

50% off for the following:

  • Crew Training/Retraining/Skill Resets