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New Improvements to Team Battles in Update 9.7

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Tank Commanders,

In a future Update release, a new function will be made available to all players wishing for a new form of challenge in World of Tanks: Static Teams and Rating Battles. We believe that this will offer a competitive environment for both casual and hardcore players alike!

Static Teams

Static Team: A permanent formation of players to participate in the 'Team Battle' gamemode. Each static team has its own name and logo. The team can consist of 4 to 12 players. Each team's data is stored within the server.

Once formed, static teams will be able to take part in 'Rating Battles'. These rating battles will only be held between established static teams. Unlike ordinary battles in eSports mode where teams are balanced solely on the basis of the individual ratings of each player, rating battles conduct matchmaking by comparing the ratings of the static team itself, which is itself based on the team's performance in previous rating battles.

Thirty seconds before a rating battle starts, the players will be presented with the following information:

  • The map to be used for the battle
  • The team's position (i.e. Attack OR Defense)

Additionally, the team MUST choose the tanks they will be using for the battle in the same 30 second window before the battle begins. If the tank lineup is not finalised within 30 seconds, the team will enter the battle with the lineup used in the previous rating battle.

Global Leaderboard

The performance of each static team directly impacts their rankings on the Global Leaderboard.

Global Leaderboard: The allotment  of teams to leagues and divisions, based on the number of points earned in rating battles.

The Global Leaderboard is divided into 6 separate leagues, with 4 divisions in each league. Each division also houses an unlimited number of groups, and each group can hold up to 50 static teams in total.

Note: The Global Leaderboard 'league' does not share any relation with the League (or WGL) tournament whatsoever.

The boundaries of each division equals a certain number of points earned in rating battles. To move from one division to another, the number of points earned by the team must either exceed the upper limit, or become less than a certain number of points (currently 30). It is impossible to go below the lowest division.

The Global Leaderboard will also be separated by seasons - when a new season begins, the rating of all static teams will be reset. The results of the previous seasons would not influence the starting values of the rating at the start of the new season.

Note: Rating Battles will only be available when a season is underway.