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The Grand Finals – APAC Region Representation

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The third season of the WGL APAC has come to a close and with it, the champions of the region have emerged. The teams gave a spectacular show at the finals that every World of Tanks eSports fan should watch.

The top teams will now face the ultimate challenge during The Grand Finals 25-26 April, when they will be pitted against the steel stallions from all around the world.


ARETE finished first in the WGL APAC Season One, Season Two and Season Three. They’ve been the unquestionable Korean champion since 2013 and have been stepping up their game with every season. This will be their second appearance in The Grand Finals and the entire region is sure to keep their fingers crossed for them.


Hailing from China, team ELONG is no stranger to battle. They’re consistently at the top of the league tables, and even came in second in the last two WGL APAC Season Finals. The only full-time professional team on the Asia server, they have since become well-known for their aggressive play style and swift, devastating attacks.


Even though team Horsemen did not get to represent the APAC region in The Grand Finals, we’re sure that their joyful spirit is going to keep up their representation’s morale!


More information about the teams qualified for The Grand Finals will come soon!