The Grand Finals 2017: Bonus Battle Guides with GoHard

I think eSports is really the pinnacle in World of Tanks; that is where you have these big LAN Finals, these big events… and nothing else really compares. — CarryBarry

They may not be participating in this year’s Grand Finals, but GoHard is still a formidable opponent, having placed 3rd in the EU Season II Finals as well as in the regular Season. Here, team member CarryBarry presents an exclusive selection of bonus battle guides to up your game, and help you carry hard too!

E 50 Ausf. M

When I reach 100% on the 2nd crew skill, I will re-skill for Brothers in Arms. This, in combination with Ventilation and Chocolate, which I often like to use, will provide a massive increase to the tank and its capabilities. — CarryBarry

Solo Carry Tips

Here I'm just trying to bait up and trying to make him fire... He fires HE, which is really fortunate for me, 'cause now I have the time and the HP to put my remaining 4 shells into his lower plate and hopefully take him out. — CarryBarry

Event Partners

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