The Grand Finals 2017: Oops

With their eye-catching team uniforms and quirky moniker, Oops – The Tough Giraffes are sure to make an impression at any event. But will their relative lack of offline experience prove a problem, or will they manage to pull a surprise attack at The Grand Finals 2017?

We are excited for the whole event. First time in Russia, first time in Moscow, first time meeting teams from the other regions. Our first goal: Survive the group stage. — Mailand

Plus, what you should do in the critical first 30 seconds of a battle! This could make or break your game, so you'll want to pay special attention to this one!

Pre-Match Prep

Never go alone: It doesn't give you anything if you are in a great position but you are completely alone. You're just going to get overrun by the enemies, and you're not going to have an impact on the game. — Mailand

Event Partners

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Rostelecom is the Russian national telecommunication carrier and one of the biggest service providers in its sphere in Europe. Reaching millions of households in Russia, the company has spread its presence in all segments of the telecom services market. As part of their collaboration with Wargaming, last year Rostelecom launched a Wargaming option in the Igrovoy (“Gamer’s”) broadband tariff to target World of Tanks fans.

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