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Witness the Birth of an Asian Football Champion!

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Tank Commanders!

The highly-anticipated Asia Champions' Football Cup 2016 came to a thrilling conclusion on July 10th, but even if you weren't able to join us in watching the game live that day, all is not lost. It's time once again to put on your jersey, lace up your boots, and prepare your favorite cold drink as we recap the most exciting Tank Football Game of the summer!

The four teams that got into the championship round come from Japan. The first match pitted EMS2 against なでしこjapan, followed by 59kudasai versus EMS1. All our teams fought ferociously, but only EMS2 and 59kudasai managed to make it to the final battle!

Round 1 - Semi-Finals


The referee's whistle signalled the big kick-off, and it was on! なでしこjapan scored the first goal with only 10 seconds left on the clock. It was a very close match, and EMS2 struggled to catch up for a while, eventually scraping through to the final round by winning two matches that ran into extra time.

The next round of matches began with one of EMS1's tanks getting flipped over. While everyone was distracted by the overturned tank, 59kudasai seized the opportunity to score 2 points in less than 2 minutes, thereby winning the first match. Banking on the strength of this momentum, they sealed the deal within the first 20 seconds of the second match's extra time, securing themselves a spot in the final round!

Round 2 - Final Match


Both EMS2 and 59kudasai performed admirably in the final round. Aki3 assisted with a stellar header to get the first point; his 59kudasai teammates coordinated a long pass and assist beautifully, eventually dominating their first match 3-0. In the second match, EMS2 was on point, focusing on offense and taking advantage of every possible opportunity, but they were no match for 59kudasai's sideline offense and accurate scoring. After an intense duel, it was 59kudasai who emerged victorious!

All 4 teams played extremely well, so if you'd like to relive the full game in all its glory, you can watch it below!
Video available in Chinese only.

Final Scores

#TeamVictoriesDefeatsTotal MatchesPointsPrizes (per player)
1 59kudasai 19 1 20 57 Type 59
1 year's Premium
2 EMS2 17 4 21 51 6 months' Premium
3 なでしこjapan 16 3 19 48 3 months' Premium
EMS1 14 3 17 42 3 months' Premium

A big thank you to all our players for playing! For more fast-paced fun and fabulous prizes, check out the official tournament page and embark on your path to eSports glory.