[Live Stream] Watch the SEA Cup 2017 Finals!

4 champions have fought their way to the top in the SEA Cup 2017 tournament, and it’s now time to determine who is the mightiest of them all. Which of these formidable teams will emerge with the victor’s crown and a shiny new Type 59? Don’t miss the epic battle streamed LIVE tomorrow at 8pm UTC +8!


29 October 2017, Sunday
8pm UTC +8
Hosted by Alpha & Roby
Stream will be available in English only.

Match Schedule

Semi-Final #1
20:00 UTC +8
FreeWiFi VS \_(O.o)_/
Semi-Final #2
20:40 UTC +8
Jebaited DoveDove
Final Match
21:20 UTC +8
Winner of Semi-Final #1 Winner of Semi-Final #2

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