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The Challenger Rumble: EU Teams

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With the Challenger Rumble well on its way to you, a weekend of thrilling tank matches and top-notch WoT eSports teams looks to be in your very near future. While you’re counting down to 19 November, let’s meet the 6 regional challengers who will be the stars of the show, starting with the EU teams!


is a pretty new team that has steadily been making its way up the ranks for the past 2 years or so, going from a humble 8th place to 3rd/4th, and finally 1st in the Gold League. Their latest pickups include Grand Finals veterans Koreetz, Break_Neck (both previously from Wombats On Tanks), and Positiwe (from Tornado.Rox), which may be why they’ve remained undefeated all Season.


Kazna Kru

You may remember Kazna Kru for their fierce black skull logo and hoodie/mask combo, but it’s their wealth of competitive experience that really sets them apart. Primarily led by Ealien (ex-Lemming Train) and
Stefan_xD (WUSA), the team has attended almost every single offline WGL event in their region, and even represented EU in the last 2 years’ Grand Finals.


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