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[AU/NZ] WGG Tournament

Tank Commanders!

Let's battle this holiday season! In place of an on-ground Wargaming Gathering for Australia and New Zealand, we will be hosting a WGG Tournament with a cool top prize of USD 1,500 for the winning team. Each member of the top team (including the reserve) gets a Type 59 too!

For this 5v5 tournament, your team will have a generous tier point limit of 38. Only vehicles tier VII and VIII are allowed, so bring out the big guns and get ready to demolish enemy teams.

Gather your best buddies and sign up below!

Note: The team leader must be from AUS/NZ and provide a valid drivers' licence or passport to obtain a position/prize.


[AU/NZ] WGG Tournament

Tournament start: 17 December 2014

Tournament end: 19 December 2014


General Regulations of 5v5 Team Play:

  • Battle Mode: Attack and Defense mode
  • Battle Time: 7 minutes
  • Team roster size: 6
  • Starting line-up: 5
  • Maximum number of reserves: 1
  • Vehicle limitations:Only tier VII and tier VIII vehicles are allowed
  • Team tier point limit: 38 (3 Tier 8s and 2 Tier 7s)
  • Victory Conditions: All enemy vehicles are destroyed within the time-limit or the base is captured within the time-limit
  • Best of 5, if either team fails to secure 3 winning matches in a round, the winner will be judged based on the number of wins obtained regardless of the number of draws. (i.e. Team A 2:1 Team B with 5 rounds ended in a draw – Team A will be considered the winner.)



  • 1st Prize: USD1,500* + 6 Type59’s (one per player)
  • 2nd Prize: USD1,000* + 3 months premium per player
  • 3rd Prize: USD 500* + 1 months premium per player

*The amount stated is the total that will be awarded to the winning team.


Sign up now!

TournamentRegistration StartRegistration End
Registration Link
AU/NZ WGG Tournament 08 December, 2014 (Mon) 15 December, 2014 (Mon)