The APAC League – Week 3

They say the third time’s the charm – will this week’s round of matches prove favourable for your chosen team? Whether or not they’ve been blessed by RNG, it’ll certainly take much more than just luck to survive next week’s Superweek of back-to-back skirmishes. Read on to get familiar with the JPN Major League teams, as well as Japanese powerhouse Caren Tiger!

League Fixtures & Rankings

Meet the Teams:
The JPN Major League


[  Week 3: 19 May 2018  ]

  • ANZ Major League
  • SEA Major League
  • JPN Major League
  • JPN Minor League
Time (UTC +10) Match
20:00 Team Efficiency vs Version4
 The Janitors ShowPonies
HaxForTheWin Bad Intentions
20:45 Team Efficiency vs ShowPonies
Version4 Bad Intentions
 The Janitors HaxForTheWin
Time (UTC +8) Match
18:00 Lupin vs PIFO
TEAM [P-F] NoFreeWifi
18:45 Lupin vs IRON FIST
PIFO NoFreeWifi
Time (UTC +8) Match
20:00  Caren Tiger vs Typhoon
Naughty Kids Throwing Mouse
PENGUIN  Totu Gaming
20:45  Caren Tiger vs Throwing Mouse
Typhoon  Totu Gaming
Naughty Kids PENGUIN
Time (UTC +8) Match
20:00  Sense x vs Ricochet Zenith
20:45 BokoGaming vs Psygames

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