The APAC League – Masters Finals

It's time for the final showdown! Catch the electrifying climax to the APAC League tournament this weekend as Major League champions Team Efficiency, PIFOCaren Tiger, and Masters Playoffs winner Naughty Kids battle it out for top honours and a sweet slice of the 10,000 USD prize pool.

Team Efficiency (ANZ)


Naughty Kids (JPN)

Caren Tiger (JPN)

League Fixtures & Rankings

Who will walk away with the prestigious title of Master of the APAC League? Be sure to bookmark this page so you don't miss out on the high-octane tank extravaganza, streamed LIVE!

Watch & Win!

Plus, tune in for a chance to earn lots of gold and bonus codes during the show, just for supporting your favourite teams! Here's how to claim your bonus code:

  1. Watch the Masters Finals live stream and look out for the bonus codes announced by our casters
  2. Log in and redeem your chosen bonus code by the end of the stream
  3. Receive an exclusive mission that will grant you 2x bonus EXP as you play!
    • Win a Random Battle and be in the top 10 by EXP earned
    • 10x per account only; not applicable to First Victories
    • Mission will be available until 1 August 2018 (14:00 UTC +8)



[  Masters Finals: Saturday, 30 Jun 2018  ]



Time Match
16:00 UTC +8
(18:00 UTC +10)
Match 1 Naughty Kids vs Team Efficiency
18:00 UTC +8
(20:00 UTC +10)
Match 2 Caren Tiger PIFO
20:00 UTC +8
(22:00 UTC +10)
Finals Match 1 Winner Match 2 Winner

Match timings may be subject to change without prior notice, so please stay tuned to the live stream for the most up-to-date information. Thank you for your kind understanding!