The APAC League – Major/Minor League Finals

For the 6 Major League teams participating in this weekend's Finals, there's more than just the title of champion at stake. Although the top 2 teams in each local League are both already qualified to advance to the APAC League Masters stage – the apex of achievement in this grand tournament  – their performances today will determine whether they can go straight to the Masters Finals, or whether they must first fight for the right to compete with the best.

ANZ Major League SEA Major League JPN Major League

Team Efficiency


Naughty Kids

The Janitors


Caren Tiger

League Fixtures & Rankings

Will your favourite local teams be able to achieve glory? It's sure to be a thrilling matchup not to be missed, so be sure to catch it all streamed LIVE for your enjoyment right here on this page! And as a special treat for all our dedicated eSports fans, look out for the gold and bonus codes we'll be giving away during the show!


[  Major / Minor League Finals: 9 & 10 Jun 2018  ]



  • Major League Finals
  • JPN Minor League
Date Time Match
9 Jun 2018 (Sat) 16:00 UTC +8

(18:00 UTC +10)
Team Efficiency vs The Janitors
18:00 UTC +8

(20:00 UTC +10)
PIFO Lupin
20:00 UTC +8

(22:00 UTC +10)
Naughty Kids Caren Tiger
Date Time Match
10 Jun 2018 (Sun) 20:00 UTC +8 Ricochet Zenith vs Sense x

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