[Tournament] Armoured Persona: From the Ashes – Conclusion

New Leader of the Gun Striders:


As the dust settles following the Armoured Persona: From the Ashes tournament, the Gun Striders have emerged headed by a new leader. How will this ragtag bunch fare under their new head honcho, and what new adventures await them going forward? Will the team be able to regain their former glory, or fall sadly back into oblivion? Only time will tell, so keep a sharp eye out for the next chapter in the Armoured Persona universe!

But for now, we’d like to thank you all for participating in this brand-new tournament and giving us your heartfelt support. If you have any feedback that would help us create better tournaments for you in future, please feel free to share it with us on the forum.

Week 4 Results


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“Well,” Mikhail said, “looks like you did it, Arlette.”

The group were assembled in the garage. The sky was completely dark; it had been a long day for them all.

Arlette pumped her fists in the air, cheering. “I won!” she yelled, pretending to jab at her teammates. “I can take you all on!”

“Don’t get too happy,” Elenor said, arms folded and looking more bored than irritated. “Being a team captain is a huge responsibility. You’ve got paperwork, meetings, extra courses to attend…”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. I’ll just delegate stuff!” Arlette pointed at Nikolai, who was sitting on a plastic chair clearly too small for him. “You! Bring me those meeting notes! While you’re at it, get me some dinner first.”

“I’ll bring you those meeting notes as dinner. Would you like some pencils with that?” The five of them cracked up in laughter, chasing away the last vestiges of tension hanging over the team.

“I’ve got another great idea!” Klara announced when the laughing stopped. “Let’s go for food right now. I’m starving.”

“Great idea!” Arlette strode towards the exit. “Follow me, team!”

“By the way, the captain pays.” Klara smirked.