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Close League Grand Finals: Day Two Summary

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The second day of the Grand Finals has concluded and, in case you didn’t have the time to follow it live, we have the results available for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s games were tense! We could see the teams were doing their best to grab the money from the Blitz Mechanism, while at the same time fighting to avoid a loss and progress to the next stage of the tournament!

Today the following teams put their professional gaming skills to the test:



Red Rush Unity

Natus Vincere

 PvP Superfriends

 JL E-Sports Club


Lemming Train


Congratulations to the teams who managed to progress to the 3rd Round!

Tomorrow, April 6th, you can see the remaining teams compete for the World Championship title! The tournament will resume at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2) / 18:00 UTC+8 and you can expect the final match between the two best teams to start at around 17:15 CEST (UTC+2) / 23:15 UTC+8.

To see the full results, please visit the dedicated page. Don’t miss tomorrow’s thrilling finale – tune in to the live-stream!

Tune in tomorrow to see the World Champions earn their title with your own eyes!


Day 2 Photo Gallery