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WGL EU Season 3 Finals, January 24-25

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The League is the biggest World of Tanks tournament organised by Each of the regions, including ours, is running its own local version of the tournament. The purpose of this is to create the most competitive environment possible and, through this process, reveal the best tank commanders out there. After three seasons are completed in each region, the champions of each season will meet up in the League Grand Final!

The European region is almost done with its qualifiers and we’re happy to invite you to watch the WGL EU Season 3 Finals. This event will seal who will go to the offline Grand Final, which will happen later this year.

Coming back to the current event, during these finals you will see six teams. Two Russian, two Polish, one Serbian and one a mix of many European nations.  If you want to know more about the teams, there have been several interviews published on the European World of Tanks portal over the past few days.

The teams who will be playing in the offline finals are:



Evil Panda Squad

Kazna Kru

Lemming Train

Team Dignitas



The finals will start on 24 January. The first day will follow a simple schedule, where the four teams who scored the least points will be fighting to qualify for the second day of the finals.

Game Start Team 1 Team 2 Game [G]
19:10 UTC+8 LTR EPS 1
21:00 UTC+8 De Nova Kazna Kru 2
23:00 UTC+8 G1 Winner G2 Winner 3
01:00 UTC+8 (25 Jan)
G1 Loser G2 Loser 4
03:00 UTC+8 (25 Jan)
G3 Loser G4 Winner 5

During the second day, 25 January, you’ll see the victors of the first day battling the teams who scored best during the qualifiers.

Team 1 Team 2 Game [G]
19:10 UTC+8) Team Dignitas G5 Winner Semifinal 1
21:00 CET (UTC+8) Virtus.PRO G3 Winner Semifinal 2
23:00 CET (UTC+8) Semifinal 1 Loser Semifinal 2 Loser 3rd place Match
01:00 CET (UTC+8) (25 Jan)
Semifinal 1 Winner Semifinal 2 Winner 1st place Match
02:50 CET (UTC+8) (25 Jan)
Winners Ceremony

Have fun!