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Season II Tier X Preview

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The next Season of WGL APAC-Asia is just on the horizon, and with the arrival of the exciting new Tier X format for all official tournaments comes a corresponding set of new rules designed to create as many new tactical possibilities and make things as fair as we can for all our players! Here’s what you can look forward to in future games.

Endless Strategic Options

We’re keeping it simple this Season, to leave you the flexibility to come up with the lineup of your dreams. 7/68, with no minimum Tier limit and no tank bans or picks – let your imagination run wild!

More of Your Favourite Maps

Mines, Cliff, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf, Ghost Town, Murovanka, Ruinberg, and Steppes are time-hallowed battlegrounds, and for good reason. Get your fill of your fave locales with 4 maps per match – Best of 9 wins!

10-Minute Battles

The beasts in Tier X are packing HP like you’ve never seen before, and that armour? Yeah, it’s going to take a whole lot more skill and firepower to take one of them down.


Eager for more details about the new Tier X format? Watch this space!