Catch us on Official Streams!

Commanders, is back with new upgrades and we're going to talk about it in our streams while playing Art of Strategy. Make a date with us!

Also, subscribe to at least 1 Community Contributor or Official Channel on before 5 May 2022 to qualify for a lucky draw chance!

Winners will get a bonus code for 1 day of WOT Premium Account time and 3x “Maharlika” emblems.

Art of Strategy Official Streaming

Language English (ANZ) English (SEA) Korean Mandarin Japanese Thai
Schedule April 28, 14:00 UTC+8 April 28, 20:00 UTC+8 April 28, 18:00 UTC+8 April 28, 20:00 UTC+8 April 28, 20:00 UTC+9 April 28, 20:00 UTC+8