Advent Calendar: It’s Time for Epic Deals!

It’s time for great offers, Commanders!

To help you get into the holiday spirit, we’re launching the traditional Advent Calendar featuring exclusive offers. Be sure to check the Advent Calendar every day, and don’t hesitate to score the sweetest deals of the year!

Advent Calendar

December 1, 2021, at 12:00 UTC+8 through January 1, 2022, at 12:00 UTC+8


Thermal Sleeve
The gun bore may look smooth, but the inside might have distortions and micro-cracks that allow powder gases to pass through. They deteriorate shell movement, thereby reducing accuracy and muzzle velocity. To avoid the aforementioned problems resulting from inconsistent heating of the barrel, the engineers decided to use a housing that distributed heat over the entire area and reduced barrel deformation.
Bulldozer Blade Mount
A bulldozer blade is needed to pass through snowdrifts, piles of debris, landslides, or heaps of rubble that may contain abrasive particles. If they clog the track joints, the abrasive particles create a wear-and-tear effect that significantly reduces the suspension's lifetime. Losing a track in the middle of a battle is no fun at all.
Bags for Equipment and Personal Belongings
Since space inside a vehicle is limited, some of the equipment and personal belongings are stored outside. There is a risk of losing them, but free space inside the vehicle is considered more valuable. Not to mention, there won't be anything falling on your head.
Mountain Stretcher
It's used to carry the wounded more conveniently. In the mountains, maneuverability is limited, and it's not always possible to use a standard stretcher.
Here's a hand-made prototype of modern snowboards. The first manufactured snowboards became widespread in the late 60s of the twentieth century.
The searchlight on a swivel can illuminate the surrounding area without moving the vehicle's hull and turret. This one was taken from a motorboat.
Loud sounds in the mountains can cause avalanches. However, if the danger is low and you need to look for lost people, a loudspeaker can prove vital.
U.S. 60-mm M6 Mountain Mortar
The main gun is not always an option for firing at mountain peaks as the gun elevation is limited. In such cases, a mortar comes in handy. Sometimes a controlled avalanche can be very helpful.
Stationary Binoculars
Stationary binoculars have a bigger mount and higher magnification, which is an advantage when compared to handheld binoculars. Good visibility is of high importance during search operations.
Illumination Grenades for the Mortar
They can be used as beacons to mark the vehicle's position, or to illuminate the targeted area in limited lighting conditions at night or in a blizzard.
Skis are useful for mobile reconnaissance and exploration.
Blasting Machine
A blasting machine triggers the explosion of charges that are needed to clear the way through rubble. Dynamite is most commonly used for demolition work. The dynamite itself is probably kept inside the vehicle. Storing it in the open or in damp conditions is quite risky.
Oxygen Containers
At high altitudes, hypoxia can occur, which is why there are pressurized oxygen containers for breathing apparatuses in the storage rack. All other equipment, made mostly of rubber, is inside the vehicle. When exposed to cold, rubber becomes stiff and can crack.
Avalanche Flags
Such flags are used to mark slopes where an avalanche may occur.
Winches can be used to clear logjams or pull stretchers with wounded to the vehicle if it can't drive close enough.



If you purchase the offer when you already own the  VIII Bisonte C45  and/or the Aurora 3D style, you will receive compensation as follows:

  • All bundle items except for the  VIII Bisonte C45  and/or the Aurora 3D style
  • 10,200 for the vehicle’s cost (where applicable)
  • 2,500 for the Aurora 3D style’s cost (where applicable)

Advent Calendar Offers: How It Works

Starting from December 1, you’ll have access to one deal available in both the game client and Premium Shop. It will feature a surprise Premium vehicle with a free Garage slot or some other cool offer.

The final and most exclusive deal unlocks on December 25 at 12:00 UTC+8. Unlike other specials, it will be available in the Premium Shop for seven days and only for real money until January 1, 2022, at 12:00 UTC+8. You simply cannot pass it up, so mark your calendars!

Most of the offers will be available for both gold and real money, and they’ll only be around for 24 hours.

Advent Calendar Daily Missions

  • A fresh battle mission will be waiting for you every day from December 1 through December 24 in the game client.
  • All missions become available on the sales screen, so click the "Mission of the Day" button to start them.
  • Like the offers, most of the daily missions (except the last one) are time-limited—you have 24 hours to complete each of them.
  • The final festive mission will be available for longer and will last from December 25 through January 1.

How to Access Advent Calendar

  1. Launch World of Tanks and log in to your account. The Advent Calendar will open automatically. This method is available once a day when you first enter the game.

2. Open it via the in-game Store by clicking the interactive banner in the "Best" tab.

3. Click the special 3D object in your Garage.


x5 XP Missions for 25 Victories



  • Win a battle
  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by XP earned


  • x5 XP for each victory


  • Random Battles only
  • Can only be completed in a vehicle from the bundle
  • First daily victory does not count
  • Can be completed as many times as specified in the bundle
  • Time for completion is not limited

Get ready to grab cool bargains with the Advent Calendar, Commanders!