Grab Special Footlockers for Great Rewards


Are you ready to take on the mighty Waffenträger for lavish rewards? Purchase Special Footlockers before 12 October when The Last Waffenträger event ends to receive a nice stash of in-game goodies, and if you're lucky, one of 16 Tier VIII Premium vehicles including the ultimate prize, the brand-new T77!

About the Event

Special Footlocker Sale

Available from 28 September, 09:00 UTC +8 – 12 October 00:00 UTC +8

1 Special Footlocker
+ 1 Key
5 Special Footlockers
+ 2 Keys
-10 %
10 Special Footlockers
+ 3 Keys

Sale Ends:  

All Special Footlockers will automatically be opened on 12 October at 14:00 UTC +8. Additionally, the event interface will be removed on 12 October at 14:00 UTC +8, so you will have until then to manage your collections and check what you have received.
There will not be any compensation for unused Keys when the event ends on 12 October at 14:00 UTC +8, smake sure to use them all!

Inside the Special Footlockers

Enjoy footlockers filled with magnificent rewards! Special Footlockers may contain one of sixteen Tier VIII Premium vehicles, including the T77, a brand-new American autoloader heavy tank. Additionally, Special Footlockers are guaranteed to hold in-game goodies.

Detailed Contents


Special Footlockers may contain some of the items shown below:


IMPORTANT: Due to regulatory differences in the in APAC region, we have modified certain mechanics for The Last Waffenträger event to ensure that you'll be able to make the most of it.

Brand-New American Heavy: T77

The ultimate prize contained in the Special Footlockers!

This American Tier VIII Premium heavy tank makes a big entrance: 1000 burst damage within four seconds and three rounds, amazing penetration values, and fantastic gun depression. Take the chance to add this eager Yank to your Garage while it's still fresh!

Main Characteristics
Average Damage
360/360/460 HP
Average Penetration
232/299/60 mm
Hit Points
1,450 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
48/12 km/h
Commander (Radio Operator)
Average Damage
360/360/460 HP
Gun Reload Time
40 s
Average Penetration
232/299/60 mm
36 shells
Aiming Time
2.7 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Dispersion at 100 m
0.37 m
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
1,143 m/s
850 m/s
850 m/s
Concealment of Moving Vehicle
Hit Points
1,450 HP
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle
Hull Armor
125/76.2/35 mm
Signal Range
745 m
Turret Armor
152/70/50 mm
View Range
370 m
Turret Traverse Speed
36 deg/s
One should play cautiously in this vehicle. The sloped armor of the turret's upper part provides decent protection since the effective armor is 200 mm and higher, but the lower part of the turret is quite vulnerable. The vehicle has good mobility, so use it to stay out of the enemy's line of fire.
Engine Power
800 h.p.
Specific Power
16.3 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
30 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
48/12 km/h
For a heavy tank, the T77 has great specific power and a nice top speed. In most combat situations, this vehicle can effectively support allied medium tanks. As for heavies, they'll always be forced to eat the T77's dust.

Take a Chance: The Reopening Mechanic

If you are not happy with the contents after opening a Footlocker, you can ‘reopen’ or reroll it up to 5 times using gold. The first time you open each Special Footlocker, you are guaranteed to receive 100.

Special Footlockers can be reopened up to 5 times using Gold:

  • 100 for the first reopen
  • 250 for the second and subsequent reopens

Please note that you will receive the 100 only once; you won't get additional gold for reopening the Special Footlocker multiple times.

Once you decide to reopen it, you are committed–there is no going back.

Tank Keys: Waffenträger auf E 110

To have the chance to command the mighty Waffenträger auf E 110, you first need to collect a special KeyThese can be purchased as part of the bundles above.

You can earn additional keys by completing Harriers’ missions and for reaching certain milestones of the event's main progression meter.

Waffenträger auf E 110

Completing Special missions in the Waffenträger auf E 110 will earn you Engineer footlockers.

This impressive tank gives you a feeling of overwhelming power. Even its basic Gungnir attack can take away well over half of a T-55 Thunderbolt’s entire HP pool.

The Waffenträger auf E 110 is immune to fire and damage to modules and tracks, and is capable of firing shots in rapid succession, just like an autoloader. The EMP Arrow special ability can slow and stun targets, while the EMP Burst is a devastating area-of-effect weapon. Its mighty pulse spreads from the Waffenträger in every direction, passing through obstacles and stunning every foe within its radius. The more enemies hit, the shorter the cooldown.

Gungnir EMP Arrow EMP Burst

Don't miss the chance to emerge victorious and earn additional rewards with this German juggernaut today!

Let's Open Our Footlockers Together!

Curious about what everyone else got in their Footlockers? Some of your friendly neighborhood Community Contributors and World of Tanks team members will be streaming the surprises they receive as they open each of their Special Footlockers, so check out the stream schedule below and send your congratulations (or salt) their way!



Stream Timing

28 September jpxerxes_24 20:00 UTC +8
29 September jpxerxes_24 20:00 UTC +8
1 October

WG's Vondle 11:00 UTC +8 / 13:00 UTC +10
FeelTheThunder 20:00 UTC +8
jpxerxes_24 20:00 UTC +8