Tanks from Valkyria Chronicles on Sale


The two hero tanks from Valkyria Chronicles are back for a limited time! Both vehicles come with their original crew and are ready for battle.

Ride into battle with the  VIII Edelweiss  commanded by Squad 7 commander Welkin Gunther and his sister Isara, or take the  VIII Nameless  that is commanded by Squad 422's Carisa Contzen.

Players can also choose to purchase both vehicles with the Valkyria Chronicles package.


Important Notes for Valkyria Chronicles Tanks

NOTE: The crews of the Edelweiss and Nameless are unique, and have the following limitations:
  1. Crew qualifications cannot be changed
  2. Crew cannot be retrained for another tank, not even from the Edelweiss to the Nameless and vice versa
  3. Crew personal data cannot be changed
  4. Crew cannot be sent to the barracks, even when the tank is sold
  5. Crew cannot be dismissed. However, if you sell the tank, you will be forced to dismiss the crew.
  6. Crew cannot be recovered in-game after selling the tank.

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Available from January 25 at 13:00 UTC+8 through February 1 at 13:00 UTC+8

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The  VIII Nameless  is used by Squad 422, a unit of the regular Gallian army made up of deserters and other criminals. The commander is voiced by "Carisa Contzen", No.63. In battle, the tank performs best on offence with its damaging capabilities. Team up with allies to get the best possible defence.


The  VIII Edelweiss  was designed by genius engineer Theimer, based on knowledge provided from war hero Belgen Gunther. As a medium tank at Tier VIII, the Edelweiss strikes a fine balance between offence and defence. The tank has an 88mm gun and damage that puts it in the same offensive category as some heavy tanks. Use its mobility to keep yourself out of danger in battle.

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