Two Ferocious Fighters on Sale


There are new Premium deals stocked up. Choose from two fine fighters with different playstyles. 


  • The  VIII M-IV-Y  is a leader keen to push the front line in search of victory. It's tenacious and hardy, and, thanks to its unique reserve tracks, 1,500 HP, and 279/241/38 mm turret armor, only the most persistent enemies can stop it!
  • The  VIII M4A1 Revalorisé  boasts outstanding gun handling, fast APCR shells, and a huge heap of HP. The 105 mm boomstick can inflict up to 390 HP of damage in just one bite. Get it with the tasty Chasseur de Croissant 2D style, too!

[Premium] Two Ferocious Fighters

Event Start: 12 July, 2022 @ 13:00 UTC+8
Event End: 19 July, 2022 @ 13:00 UTC+8



Hard to immobilize with reserve tracks
1,500 HP
279/241/38 mm turret armor

M4A1 Revalorisé

Fast APCR shells
High HP
105 mm gun
Make enemies hungry with Chasseur de Croissant 2D style

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