[Premium Shop] Tuesday Treat - 08 September 2020

Tank Commander,

Our platoon has fought valiantly behind enemy lines and emerged with the blueprints of these stunning vehicles!


  • Featured Premium Vehicles: VIII ISU-130 , VI M4A3E8 Fury , and  VIII T92 .
  • + Take part in the Saar Offensive!
    Pick either Germany (WOTSODE2020) or France (WOTSOFR2020) by entering the bonus code and complete missions to get decals and camouflages for either country.

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Tuesday Treat - 08 September 2020

Event Period: 08 September, 2020 (Tuesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 to 15 September, 2020 (Tuesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8

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ISU-130 - Supreme

[Also available in the following bundles:
Standard and Deluxe

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