[Premium Shop] Return of Object 274a


The  VIII Object 274a  is on the Premium Shop! If you like getting up close and personal with your enemies, this hard-hitting medium will be right up your alley.

A new 3D style, "Mangut", comes free with the Deluxe and Supreme packs in this sale. You can also opt to purchase the style on its own!

Take a look at how the 3D style looks below.

[Premium Shop Highlights] 
Object 274a

Event Period: May 17, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC+8 to May 21, 2021 @ 14:00 UTC+8

Standard, Deluxe and Supreme bundles available!

Supreme Bundle:
US$114.26 - 28% Discount! 

VIII Object 274a  

"Mangut" 3D Style
100% Crew
Personal Reserves
and more!

Get Your Tank!

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