[Sale] The Dual-Wielding: Object 703 Version II


One tank, two guns, three dynamic shooting modes – the dual-wielding  VIII Object 703 Version II  makes its grand entrance, ready to dominate the battlefield. 

Take this mighty machine to the battlefield and your enemies will know that they are in double trouble when you see them.

[Premium] Object 703 Version II on Sale

Available from 19 February, 2023 at 13:00 UTC+8 through 26 February, 2023 at 13:00 UTC+8

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Object 703 Version II Offers

If you are looking for more bang for your bucks, search no further! The  VIII Object 703 Version II  offers two instead of just one gun barrel. It is currently the only Premium vehicle with this unique feature that allows for a lot of flexibility on the battlefield. Take careful aim, quickly trade shots, or land a devastating double-blow. No matter the situation, this Soviet heavy tank with thick upper glacis plate, stern turret, and spaced side armor has the perfect answer. Shake enemies to their core and have them tremble in fear when you roll out in the menacing "Oryx" 3D style!

PACKAGE CONTENTS Object 703 Version II "Oryx" 3D style 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot WoT Premium Account Gold Credits ×5 XP mission Personal Reserves 100% crew with enough
crew XP for 3 perks

The applied discount can vary slightly based on the currency used for purchase.


Guide Park: Object 703 Version II — The First Double-Barreled Tank In The Game!


3D Style: Oryx (for Object 703 Version II)


Roll Out!