[Premium Shop] Get Ready for Lantern Festival!


Some believe that we can drive away bad luck and spirits with bright illumination. The Lantern Festival is often celebrated after the Lunar New Year festivities with fireworks, colorful light displays, and eating delicious snacks like glutinous rice tangyuan.

From 1 February (10:00 UTC+8) to 6 February (10:00 UTC+8), head to the Premium Shop and purchase the "Lantern Festival" 2D Style. Apply the style to welcome the Lantern Festival and remember the good times with loved ones!

Get "Lantern Festival" 2D Style  

Lantern Festival Customizations

Available from 01 February at 10:00 UTC+8 through 06 February at 10:00 UTC+8


You can also bag the following themed decals and inscriptions plus 10x x5 Victory Bonus XP (for any vehicle) by purchasing the Lantern Festival Combo, welcome the luminous magic that will surely help your favorite tank shine on the battlefield: 

3x Decals: "Nian"

3x Decals: "Chinese Lanterns"

3x Decals: "Tangyuan"

3x Inscriptions: "Lantern Festival"

3x Inscriptions: "Happy Lantern Festival"

3x Inscriptions: "Family Reunion"


1x 2D Style "Lantern Festival"