On Sale: Instruments of Rapid Destruction


Send your enemies to a quick doom with these two rapid-firing vehicles. Save up to 28% on bundles with exclusive camouflages and tons of gold, and take aim at your helpless opponents!

Featured vehicles:


Featured Vehicles

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Lorraine 40 t

The  VIII Lorraine 40 t has a powerful gun that has a 4-round autoloader. It is capable of inflicting 1200 HP of damage in just 8 seconds! Use this tank's speed to support your allies for flank attacks.

VIII Lorraine 40 t
Suggested Loadout


The  VIII IS-3A boasts a 3-round autoreloader. Unloading the full magazine can deal 1170 HP of damage! Not to mention, a high shell speed of 1400 m/s to deliver timely regards to your enemies. And has good survivability in brawls.

Suggested Loadout