Heavy Tank Party Sale


These three heavy tanks are ready to storm the battlefield and claim victories for you. Push forward in style with these heavy tanks from Sweden, UK, and the Soviet tech tree!


Let's see what these heavies can do.

Featured Vehicles

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IS-2 Shielded

The  VII IS-2 shielded has mesh screens over its turret and hull that provide some protection against HEAT and HE shells, while the armor's angles are decent. The gun offers 1,902 DPM, 390 HP of alpha damage, and decent penetration. This vehicle performs best in mid to close-range fights!

VII IS-2 shielded  
Suggested Loadout


Caernarvon Action X

The  VIII Caernarvon Action X 's heavily-armored turret offers good angling, while the accurate 2,338 DPM gun is effective at peeking over hills with its -10 degrees of depression. It also has an outstanding rate of fire with excellent penetration. Available with the Fear Naught 2D style. 

VIII Caernarvon Action X   
Suggested Loadout

Strv K

The  IX Strv K  has strong frontal turret armor and -10 degrees of gun depression, this heavy excels at hull-down play and can use its 40 km/h top speed to reach advantageous positions. Make full use of the terrain and pick off your enemies in a deadly game of peek-a-boo! It boasts an accurate gun with 390 HP of alpha damage, and its 400 m view range makes it a force to be reckoned with. Available with the Sabaton Crew trained to 100% and the Spirit of War 3D style. 

IX Strv K  
Suggested Loadout