Three Tier VIII Hunters Ready to Strike


Three new Tier VIII tanks are ready for the hunt, pick them up in the Premium Shop and unleash their potential! Each offers a different method of going for the kill - all that's left is to pick your preferred method:

A fox's cunning is required to properly command the  VIII CS-52 LIS . Good think it comes with the Fox Fur 2D Style to look the part! It doesn't have a tiger's claws or a cheetah's speed, but it can set a deadly ambush. Make the most of its –7° of gun depression to take the high ground before ambushing larger prey with its 105 mm cannon and biting 208 mm of penetration.

The  VIII T-34-3  is a rhino of a tank; all hide and horn. It sports an excellent 390 alpha damage per shot, and its thick turret armor can bounce shots from most other tanks its Tier or lower, so it's perfectly content sitting in a depression. Like the brute it is, however, it suffers from low accuracy and penetration values. Just remember to move if think an SPG has spotted you.

Few hunters can match the burst damage potential of the  VIII T77 . Like a lioness, it can strike hard and fast, dealing 1080 HP of damage in 4 seconds. With 299 mm of penetration using HEAT shells, your claws will more often than not find their target. But beware - if you can't finish off your prey, you're left vulnerable as you reload so it's best to hunt with your pride.


CS-52 LIS, T-34-3 and T77 on Sale

Event Start: 17 June, 2022 @ 14:00 UTC+8
Event End: 24 June, 2022 @ 14:00 UTC+8


7° gun depression
208 mm penetration
Fox Fur 2D Style


390 alpha damage
1,400 HP


1,080 HP of damage in 4s
299mm of penetration with HEAT

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2D Style: "Fox Fur"