122 TM: Auspicious Lunar Offers


Lunar New Year is a time for celebrating spring, new beginnings, and good fortune. During this 14-day celebration, we will be having a series of sales that refresh every 2 days from January 20 (10:00 UTC+8) until February 1 (10:00 UTC+8). Have a look at the deals and get something new for your garage to celebrate 2022's Year of the Rabbit with!

Each featured vehicle will come with two bundles - a basic one with a Garage Slot and 100% Crew, and another with discounted in-game goodies and Lunar Stamps.

Lunar 122 TM

Available from January 20 at 10:00 UTC+8 through January 22 at 10:00 UTC+8

The  VIII 122 TM has a hull that's built for durability. This bull can deal high-speed, penetrating damage at 400 HP per shell. While you're on a hill, make use of its 8 degrees of gun depression to aim at weakspots. Its good gun handling and gun depression makes it ideal when fighting other hull-down vehicles.

Premium Shop Bundle Contents

  • 3,000 
  • 3D Style "Special Guest"
  • 15x Personal Reserves: 300% Crew Experience and Free Experience for 1h
  • 15x Personal Reserves: 100% Experience for 1h
  • 750 Lunar Stamps
  • 15x x5 XP Missions for 122 TM

In-Game: Lunar Gold Offers

Available from January 20 at 10:00 UTC+8 through January 22 at 10:00 UTC+8

You can also enjoy the auspicious season with an in-game bundle containing the 122 TM. It is also filled with festive customizations you can use to decorate your vehicles with.

Inside the bundle, you can get:

Decal: Nian

Emblem: Year of the Rabbit

Inscription: Family Reunion

Don't forget to come back again for new offers!