A Pack of Premium Power: Lansen C, leKpz M 41 90 mm, & Cromwell B


Ready to dominate the battlefield with firepower and speed? The VIII Lansen C , VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm , and  VI Cromwell B  are the perfect additions to your Garage. Each vehicle offers unique attributes and abilities that will give you an edge in combat. Read on to discover the tanks and learn more about what sets them apart from the pack.

Lansen C Offers

Available from January 17 at 13:00 UTC+8 through January 24 at 13:00 UTC+8

The  VIII Lansen C  is an agile medium tank that packs a punch with its mighty 105 mm hammer. Show off your skills with the Viking-inspired “Wolves of Odin” 3D style and join the ranks of Odin’s mythical companions. With great acceleration and a top speed of 50 km/h, you’ll have an easy chance to take the best positions and surprise foes from cover. Good camouflage values and its small size also allow you to remain undetected while advancing. The impressive gun boasts a high alpha damage of 320 HP and has 10 degrees of gun depression, helping you to make the most of uneven terrain.

Lansen C
Package Contents Lansen C 100% trained crew Garage slot Odin's Wolves 3D style Gold ×5 XP missions Personal Reserves Discount

leKpz M 41 90 mm Offers

Available from January 17 at 13:00 UTC+8 through January 24 at 13:00 UTC+8

The  VIII leKpz M 41 90 mm  is a lightning-fast light tank that can outmaneuver and outgun its opponents. As a variant of the well-known M41 Walker Bulldog tank, it shares the swiftness and agility of its counterpart. With a top speed of 72 km/h and 2,480 DPM, this tank is a force to be reckoned with. Its mighty gun boasts 240 HP of damage per shot, good gun handling, and a quick aiming time of 1.9 seconds. Its own armor may not be the thickest, but its good penetration values allow it to punch above its weight class and take on tougher opponents. Run down your prey like a hound with the leKpz M 41 90 mm.

Package Contents leKpz M 41 90 mm 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot Gold Credits WoT Premium Account x5 XP Mission Personal Reserves Discount
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Cromwell B Offers

Available from January 17 at 13:00 UTC+8 through January 24 at 13:00 UTC+8

The  VI Cromwell B  is a British medium tank and one of the cruiser tanks that saw action in the European theater during World War II. Cromwells fought across France and Germany and eventually made their way to Berlin, where they were part of the Victory Parade on September 7, 1945, hence the “B” suffix.

Its impressive top speed of 64 km/h and 2,076 DPM gun make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield, and its ramming capabilities give it an edge in close combat situations. With the “Brothers in Arms” as a zero-perk for its crew, it is even more effective in battle. Add the Cromwell B to your tank collection and experience a piece of history on the battlefield.

Package Contents Cromwell B Garage slot Gold WoT Premium Account ×5 XP missions Personal Reserves:
+300% to Free XP and Crew XP for 1 hour
Consumables As a gift Crew includes Brothers in Arms
as a zero-perk
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Don’t let the enemy stand in your way – add the Lansen C, leKpz M 41 90 mm, and Cromwell B to your Garage and dominate the battlefield.

Roll Out!