Get Lucky with Personalized Daily Deals!

Are you feeling lucky, Commanders?

Daily Deals offering exclusive personal discounts on in-game goods, Premium Account time, and even Premium vehicles are now available!

Daily Deals
12 November 2020, 14:00 UTC +8 - 19 November 2020, 14:00 UTC +8

All you need to do to claim these specially-selected offers is
log in to the Daily Deals site with your account during the event period, and grab up to 4 offer cards per day from the swirling tornado of treats.

These offers come in Common, Rare, and Legendary variants; some can be only acquired with money, while others can be purchased for in-game gold or credits. If you see one that catches your fancy, be sure to grab it immediately, as the offers will expire on the next day, and you might not get the same offer twice!

Grab Hot Deals

NOTE: Each offer can be purchased only once per account during the event period. If you purchase a deal that contains an item you already own, such as a tank or style, you will instead receive the item's value in gold proportional to the size of the discount.

Good luck, Commander! Don't forget to check back daily to score the very best deals!