Discover Fresh Tanks & Styles in the Latest Bond Shop Update


Step into the updated Bond Shop and discover a wealth of new arrivals.

Five formidable vehicles and four stunning 3D styles are joining the ever-growing roster of bond offers. Check out the fresh additions alongside plenty of existing offers and expand your collection with Premium vehicles, customizations, improved equipment, and more.

New Bond Shop Items

  Item(s) Price in Bonds
X Object 268 Version V
+ 1 Garage slot + 100% trained crew
IX WZ-114
+ 1 Garage slot + 100% trained crew
VIII Chieftain/T95
+ 1 Garage slot + 100% trained crew
VIII Object 252U
+ 1 Garage slot + 100% trained crew
VI SU-100Y
+ 1 Garage slot + 100% trained crew
"Marengo" 3D style
for the X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
"Swordfish" 3D style
for the X M-V-Y
"Tiger Claw" 3D style*
for the IX WZ-114

*This unique style offers a special feature that lets you toggle between full and partial states, allowing you to enable or disable the tiger's head and red fireworks in the game client.

"Montu" 3D style
for the VIII IS-3


Bonds FAQ


What are bonds?

Bonds are a valuable in-game currency and one of the most coveted prizes for both novices and experienced tank aces. You can use them to purchase unique vehicles and other goodies that can’t be obtained with other currencies. Moreover, bonds give you access to vehicle upgrades that can maximize your battle performance.

How can I earn bonds?

  • Complete certain Battle Pass Stages
  • Complete Tier X (and some Tier IX) battles
  • Reach milestones in larger events, such as Frontline and Steel Hunter
  • Participate in the Referral Program
  • Achieve a certain rank in Ranked Battles and Onslaught mode
  • Complete Daily Missions
  • Earn specific medals

Where can I find the Bond Shop?

Navigate to the in-game Store from your Garage and open Items for Bonds to enter the Bond Shop.


What are you waiting for, Commanders? Collect your goodies in-game today!

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