[Updated] Battle Pass Season 7: Treat Yourself to Premium Bundles

UPDATE: The "Battle Pass: Reinforcements" bundle will no longer be available for purchase from April 15, 17:00 UTC+8 onwards. Please plan your purchases in advance to ensure that your reinforcements will arrive in time!


Premium bundles are available for you to unlock additional content with even more rewards!

Get a fourth Crew member when you complete missions from the Reinforcements bundle, an Improved Pass for all three chapters with daily Gold from the Daily Gold bundle, and an Improved Pass for three Chapters when you get the Full Access bundle.

Note: Each bundle can only be purchased once.

[Premium Bundles] 
Battle Pass Season 7

Event End: 30 May, 2022 @ 08:30 UTC+8

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Featured Bundle: Reinforcements

Upon purchasing this bundle, you get access to a series of missions. The final reward for completing them is a unique crew member, Alexei Sokolovskiy — the fourth character of the Season. You can also earn Battle Pass Points, bonds, and Training Booklets.

Complete all missions to earn the following rewards:

  • Up to 1,000 Battle Pass Points 
  • Up to 500 bonds 
  • Up to 3 Training Booklets for each nation 
  • Universal Manual for 250,000 XP to each crew member
  • Personal Training Manual for 850,000 XP to the selected crew member
  • Alexei Sokolovskiy as a reward crew member 

Make sure to complete the missions until the current Season ends. Otherwise, your progress will be lost.

Daily Gold
Full Access