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World of Tanks Holds Plastic Model Building Event in Tokyo

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Tank Commanders!

On June 21, “World of Tanks: Plastic Model Club” was held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Since there are not many real tanks to see, plastic model building is a very common hobby among military enthusiasts in Japan and many fellow tanks commanders gathered for this event!

Tank Modelers Unite!

The event started from 10 am in the morning, but many eager tank builders showed up earlier.

A commemorative apron with the “World of Tanks: Plastic Model Club” logo was given to everyone when they checked in to the event. Everyone brought their own model kits to build, so they opened the boxes and got started right away!

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  • • Everyone started unpacking their models as soon as they arrived. They brought their own kits, so there were a wide variety of unique model kits. Several very young tank commanders attended the event as well.

Attendees had all different backgrounds and experience in regards of plastic model building. For some of them, this was the first time and veteran modelers who sat at the same table guided them through, sparking friendly conversations among the participants.

Professional modeler, Mr. Ichiro Yoshida, who creates World of Tanks inspired tank models for the Armor Modelling magazine attended the event as a guest lecturer and showed us modeling tips and techniques during the lecture session. Participants gathered around Mr. Yoshida and listened attentively, sometimes asking questions.

  • During the lecture, Mr. Yoshida lectured about cleaning mold line and glue marks, as well as “paint washing” technique to easily add details and realism after spray-painting. Interested participants gathered around Mr. Yoshida and asked questions as the lecture went on.

A corner of the floor was dedicated to displaying finished models that the participants previously built. Many experienced modelers brought their best works and it was like an mini-exhibition in itself. Mr. Yoshida brought the examples of World of Tanks spec models he built for the Armor Modelling magazine. Works by the Wargaming Japan staff were on display as well.

  • • The exhibition area featured tanks from the Armor Modelling magazine’s World of Tanks corner as well as various scale model masterpieces by the participants. The modelers introduced their work to other participants. One modeler told a story about how he went all the way to Switzerland just to check the details on the Swiss tanks with his own eyes!

There was an area where participants could play World of Tanks, if he or she wanted a bit of break. Many people played the game, some participants even used World of Tanks to check if he was building his model correctly!

  • • Participants enjoyed a game or two to take a break from model building. Some people played together with other participants they just got to know during the event!

Everyone worked on the models diligently, working hard even after the quick lunch. By 16:00, some of the faster modelers finished building their works. Some people exchanged IGNs and a few were seen going off to purchase new models together after the event. Overall atmosphere was very good throughout this first Plastic Model Club Event and everyone got along well.

  • • A surprise gift was given by Wargaming Japan’s Military Advisor Tadamasa “Phalanx” Miyanaga, to the creator to the creator of his favorite model in the exhibition area. A World of Tanks design Renault FT was selected for this prize. Congratulation!

Everyone gathered for a group photo at the end of the event, and the First World of Tanks: Plastic Model Club ended in great success.

We received many feedbacks and requests for more events like this in the future. We are looking forward to holding more military related events where players with similar interests can gather and communicate, so keep your eyes peeled for other events by Wargaming!

Roll Out!!